Some Of The Best iPhone Games Ever Made Are Now Free

Apple's App Store turns five this week (it first opened on July 10, 2008), and to celebrate, many of the biggest and best apps - including games - seem to be going on sale for, well, nothing.

Among the games currently available for free (the sale isn't official yet, so people are finding more games as they keep searching) include Sword & Sworcery, Infinity Blade 2, Where's My Water, Tiny Wings and Badland.

If any of those games have an iPad version, they're free as well.

Get on it.


    Luke you should do a list of must have IOS games while a good chunk of them will be free

      unfortunately, that would require research and actual effort to go into his article. not sure if you've noticed, but Luke doesn't tend to do research or put in any effort.
      normally i don't even click on his stuff, but i saw "free" in the title and thought it could be worth my time. and surprise surprise, the comments are more informative than the article. again.

    Just checked. Sword and Sworcery is still $2.99. Infinity Blade 2 and Wherea my Water are free though.

    Badland is surprisingly awesome. Really love the aesthetic and some of the puzzles are a tad clever too. I think I was expecting an endless runner for some reason.

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