The Best Storyline Of EVO 2013 Was Justin Wong’s Amazing Comeback

The Best Storyline Of EVO 2013 Was Justin Wong’s Amazing Comeback

Justin Wong, one of the all-time top fighting game players, lost to Job “EMP Flocker” Figuerora early in the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament at EVO 2013. But that was only the start of an incredible comeback that you’ve got to see.

Here’s how Wong got kicked into the losers bracket and climbed back…

Top 8 Winners Bracket – VXP EMP Flocker vs. EG Justin Wong

Flocker’s setup of Zero, Vergil and Hawkeye turns out to be superior compared to Justin’s classic Wolverine, Storm and Akuma trio. Flocker’s 3-0 puts Justin in the losers bracket, forcing Wong to show his true powers and start his march back toward the grand finals.

Top 8 Losers Bracket – AGE Chris G vs. EG Justin Wong

This is the stunner. Wong loses the first two rounds to the insanely-good Chris G. But that’s not the end of the story. You want to see a great come-from-behind win? Sure you do…

Losers Semifinals – EG Justin Wong vs. Cloud

Cloud’s Zero causes some trouble early on in all three games, but overall Justin is able to 3-0 him by using Storm’s abilities and assist calls wisely.

Losers Finals – EG Justin Wong vs. Angelic

Even with only Akuma left in game #2 and only Akuma and Storm left in game #5 against Angelic’s full team (Wolverine, Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath), Justin is still able to K.O. him 3-1, and elevate himself to the grand finals.

Grand Finals – VXP EMP Flocker vs. EG Justin Wong

Finally, the rematch. Wong faces Flocker in the grand finals. Wong has to win two sets (a total of 6 games) in order to win the championship.

Here’s the first set:

He wins, taking it 3-2.

And here’s the second set:

Flocker gets the official win. Justin Wong walks out the people’s champ.


  • This made my day yesterday. Flocker deserved the win, but holy shit did I want to see Justin Wong finish off that comeback by taking the final.

    I love videogames.

  • Justin was AMAZING and the whole thing was edge-of-your-seat with hype! I highly recommend watching these even if you don’t play the game.

    Storm isn’t considered to be top tier btw, and ChrisG was assumed to likely win as he’s had a consistent record of winning previous smaller tournaments.

  • it was nice to see people cheering for justin, as usually he’s the most hated person at evo xD

  • That was such a great performance by Justin. So good to see him up the top after that kind of comeback.

    Why the hell did everyone hate him anyway? Did I miss something?

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