The Console Wars Become A Triumphant West Side Story-Style Musical

Boy, boy, crazy boy; get cool, boy! Something's coming, I don't know what it is, but it is gonna be great! Not just lyrics from West Side Story; those could be the mottos of E3, come to think of it.

This outstanding tribute to the console wars by AVByte (via NeoGAF) breaks down the coming Microsoft vs. Sony conflict in the best way possible — via song and dance. The music and lyrics are by Antonius Nazareth, and the video was directed by Vijay Nazareth. Good show, guys.


    So after all that I decided....... that I'm a massive sucker for pale redheads.

      What is the source of their magic??

        I have no idea.... absolutely no idea.... and I don't care.... *sigh*

      I hate to tell you this dude; but, I will be marrying this girl... So yeah, sorry about that....

    I thought the PS4 had the better specs though? Either way, I have my PC right now and I have my PS4 on pre-order. Now to find me a singing redhead

    Disappoint in the lack of a Nintendo faction. The others all smell :P

    Gotta give credit where it is due for a very slick production. Well done!

    Very well done. I was just awaiting a third gang, maybe made up of clowns and weirdos, to burst in and start singing for the WiiU!

    As someone who's studying musical theatre, specifically West Side Story right now, this was brilliant. As a Nintendo fan, I'm disappointed.

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