The Coolest Exclusive Goodies Of Comic-Con 2013

The Coolest Exclusive Goodies Of Comic-Con 2013

Completely arbitrary headline alert! This is a list of what I think are the hottest, mostly video game-themed toys and books of next week’s San Diego Comic-Con, based on years spent developing tastes and whims specifically geared towards making me spend entirely too much money on colourful pieces of plastic. There are so many excellent wonderful pieces of plastic this year.

I’ve been a hardcore toy collector for two decades now, which means covering the annual parade over generally overpriced exclusives that is San Diego Comic-Con is a dangerous proposition, yet here we are. Next Wednesday I fly across the country and spend several days trying to balance meetings and coverage with shopping, each day spent lugging around bags of purchase alongside my usual equipment. I’m going to sweat all over the place. It’ll be beautiful.

What am I buying? Why, the coolest exclusive goodies of Comic-Con 2013, of course. It’s right there in the title.

Let’s see how much damage my wallet is going to take this year!

Mini Sylvanis

Vendor: Blizzard Entertainment — Booth 115

The first in an exclusive line of micro action figures, Mini Sylvanas is the most adorable queen of the undead ever. I love her. More than you.

Price: $US18.

Transforming Zergling/Baneling Plush

Vendor: Blizzard Entertainment — Booth 115

Pull a zipper, and this Zergling plush magically transforms into a Baneling. There might be some tucking involved, but when isn’t there?

Price: $US35

D-Arts Bass & Treble

Vendor: Bluefin Tamashii Nations — Booth 3545

Following up on last year’s gorgeous Vile figure, D-Arts brings us an early release of Bass and Treble. Bass is nice, but Treble? I want all the Trebles, forever.

Price: $US43.99

Game of Thrones 7-Inch Stark Shield Wall Plaque

Vendor: Dark Horse Comics — Booth 2615

Because sometimes you love a group of people so much you’ve got to paint a giant target on your back. Limited to only four pieces — oh wait, that’s just the Starks.

Price: $US30

Aardman Superman Action Figure

Vendor: DC Entertainment — Booth 2315

Do I even have to explain how wonderful this is? OK then — so wonderful.

Price: $US24.95

Superheroes of Green Lantern Four-Pack

Vendor: DC Entertainment — Booth 2315

Who in their right mind would spend 50 bucks on a set of action figures, when all he wants is the tiny blue-and-red cat? Guilty.

Price: $US49.95

The Venture Bros. Naked Brock Samson 3 3/4-Inch Figure

Vendor: Entertainment Earth — Booth 2343

We’ve already discussed naked, bloody Brock Samson, ready to feel the kill all over your G.I. Joe collection. My wife would kill me if I didn’t buy this, so it shouldn’t count towards my budget. Just don’t tell her about the Death’s Head Monarch and Dr. Mrs The Monarch set, because I need that $US60 for snacks.

Price: $US15

Archer – Pam’s Dolphin Puppet

Vendor: Factory Entertainment Inc. — Booth 3351

The perfect gift for anyone who works in human resources and pit fights. Plus, I love puppets.

Price: $US25

G.I. Joe Skystriker Vehicle with Jetfire Deco and V.A.M.P. with Autobot Hound Deco and 3.75-Inch Snake Eyes & Baroness & Decepticon Bludgeon Special Edition Pack

Vendor: Hasbro — Booth 3328

My god. The grand finale in a series of G.I. Joe / Transformers crossovers, this set is freaking epic. It’s got a jet, and a jeep, and the Baroness with Decepticon Ravage on a leash. There’s Snake Eyes with an Autobot symbol, a mini-Blaster with even tinier cassettes, and a G.I. Joe scale figure based on the Decepticon Bludgeon. Holy shitsnacks.

Price: $US99

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic DJ Pon-3

Vendor: Hasbro — Booth 3328

Packed in a lighted box with Swarovsku crystals on her sunglasses and horn, this fan-named DJ pony will be mine. It is divine providence.

Price: $US49.99

Transformers Generations Titan Class Metroplex

Vendor: Hasbro — Booth 3328

The final figure in the Fall of Cybertron line, this is a con-exclusives of the $US119 retail release, with chrome legs and accents and a set of a dozen tiny figures to crawl all over him. You know I need this.

Price: $US149.99

Mimobot Ice King and “Fan -Favorite” (Derpy)

Vendor: Mimoco — Booth 2913, 5338

While I question the overall sanity of collectible flash drives, collectible anything with Derpy from My Little Pony or the Ice King from Adventure Time makes perfect sense.

Price: $US20 Each

Friday the 13th Jason (1989 Video Game Appearance)

Vendor: NECA — Booth 3145

Pure class from head to toe, this is Jason from his NES appearance, complete with horrible colour scheme and NES-themed box. I’ve never cared much for horror collectibles, but in this case I’m making an exception.

Price: $US25

The Elder Scrolls V Astrid with Blade of Woe

Vendor: Symbiote Studios — Booth 5636

While Symbiote is also bringing a Doom Marine and a Dark Elf in Daedric armour to the show, my money’s on the leader of the Dark Brotherhood, looking incredible cute with her tiny little Blade of Woe.

Price: $US19.99

Batz Maru x Ryu / Hello Kitty x Akuma Plush

Vendor: Toyami — Booth 3229

Just look at these little bastards. They are perfect. If a Street Fighter X Sanrio game isn’t announced soon, I’m gonna set the building on fire.

Price: $US45 each

Eight-Inch Adventure Time Beemo Plush

Vendor: Toynk — booth 3551

Finn and Jake never go anywhere without Beemo. Well, except for all the times they’ve left him behind. Which is most of the time. Poor little video game console.

Price: $US20

Mega Man 25 Official Complete Works Limited Hardcover Edition

Vendor: Udon Entertainment — Booth 4259

Udon is bringing a bunch of special convention edition art books to the show this year, but this hardcover Mega Man tome, with its convention-exclusive blue laser foil dust jacket? It’s the blue bomb, yo.

Price: $US100

Add it all together, and what do you got? An entire year of generic brand cat food. Might explain why the cats like eating cardboard backings and plastic bubble packaging.

Of course this is not all of the Comic-Con 2013 exclusive merchandise available next week — I’ve not even touched on comic books. You can go through the list yourselves right here, and share your picks in the comment section, because I need more shopping suggestions for some stupid reason.


    • damn straight it is… i’d love it but wont be able to afford the $600 price tag once it hits ebay 🙁

  • between a friend traveling overseas for CC and some of the Square Enix and Mezco exclusives I’ve decided I must now start a collection of Batman figurines!
    (and that DOOM Space Marine Symbiote)

    so I suggest you completely overlook the limited Play Arts Kai Batman with metallic finish and maybe go swoon over the light-up Megaman statuette that comes with an inflatable buster cannon as a bonus :p

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