The New Shadowrun Is Just Around The Corner. So Here's A Trailer!

Time for one last glance at Shadowrun Returns before its long-awaited release next week. On July 25, Jordan Weisman's $1.8 million cyberpunk RPG will finally hit the shelves, ready to immerse us in the grim universe of Shadowrun once again. I'm thinking a mage for my first playthrough. What about you?

Countdown to the Return! [Kickstarter]


    Gimme a Shaman with a dark totem anyday!

    Never played shadowrun before but based on the lets play vids I've seen of some of the community made missions, I'm thinking of playing a decker, they're about the only class I've not seen much of. That means I'll be even more bewildered & ineffective so when I suck, I can blame it on the character rather than on my suckage.

      the cheap paperbacks they released alongside the original RPG are a easy/good read (disclaimer: i read them in high school, so ISO quality standards may have changed since then).

    I love Shadowrun, but go out and do yourself a favour BACK THIS!!! Satellite Reign.
    It is a spiritual successor to Syndicate Wars. Have a look at it, if you like what you see pledge a few bucks, whats to loose? You will support Aussie developers and you know you want to.

    Got this baby pre-ordered... to be honest, I would have pre-ordered anything to get another turn-based tactical combat game.. hehe.. but Shadowrun is good too..

    Anyone know why this isn't out in Australia yet? It's July 26 and the ios marketplace doesn't have it.

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