The Nintendo Power Glove Gets Its Own Documentary


The accessory favoured by Nintendo superfan Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson will be getting a documentary, which features interviews with engineers who worked on the wearable controller’s design as well as testimonials from toy industry insiders. Remember the Kinect, Wii Remote and PlayStation Move didn’t appear out of thin air. It was the Power Glove’s cool-looking articulated fingers that paved the way for motion-control gaming.


  • Wanted one back in the day, wanted one when 2013 clocked over, wanted one when I saw it for all of ~$35 on a shelf in Super Potato.

    Want to open it but also want to leave it all neatly packed up and “sealed”. Even if it is only a shop-implemented seal.

  • The Nintendo Power Glove Gets Its Own Documentary

    Doesn’t it have one already, called “The Wizard”?

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