This Real-Time Facial Motion Capture Is Amazing

The quest to create realistic facial expressions in CGI never ends — here we have TheCGBro's footage of Snapper System's "markerless Facial Motion Capture System." It's just a demo, but still very cool to watch how the CGI on-screen doesn't miss a beat; that's the main thing here. It captures in real time, without requiring markers.

There's still some degree of uncanny here, to be sure — but it's still impressive.

CGI Real-Time MoCap Demo HD: "Markerless Real-Time Facial Mocap" by - Snapper Systems [TheCGBro]


    Soon they'll integrate motion capture on the end of every headset microphone and our avatars will be able to lip sync what we say to our friends. I wonder how bandwidth intensive that would be?

    Yay, we might finally get realistic animation on faces in games.


    And you can't use the Australian Author excuse this time.

    Edit: Hah, looks like this article was deleted off of the US site, too.

    Last edited 19/07/13 4:08 am

    Using mo-cap for animation is kind of like cheating. Its like making a cartoon by tracing livemotion video.
    Nevertheless, the results are impressive.

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