This Street Fighter Cosplay Will Kick Your Ass

Pulling off the stern badassery of Street Fighter's Sagat is no easy feat — and yet that's exactly what Laphotonet manages to capture with cosplayer Tracie Garrison here. You can practically imagine her in a live-action flick, no?

Take a closer look:

And for comparison's sake:

(Via Laphotonet)


    Is it really Cosplay when majority of it is photoshop?

      There's glowy stuff added and I can't really see anything else that's been chopped? Certainly seems like the opposite of a "majority" of it to me. The scars and the eyes are pretty awesome, looks like they put a lot of effort in for a cool crossplay.

        Dude it's been shopped up the wazoo. Just look at the skin tone for one.

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          Non-Shopped version. -

            Jesus christ, it's barely cosplay when its got so much photoshop going on, it's almost just a drawing...


              (No offence to the cosplayer at all though, no problem with doing what you love! :) )

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            So as I said, they just added some glowy stuff in photoshop. Thanks for proving this is an awesome cosplay with hardly any photoshop.

              Not dissagreeing that its still an awesome cosplay without photoshop, but they did do more than add glowy stuff.

              Her cheekbones were made to look deeper, the scar was made to look more deeper and realistic too. Her eyebrows were stretched and eye sockets deepened to give her an angrier look. Subtleties increase a picture's quality much more than we think :D

              Do cosplayers have some sort of unwritten agreement that photoshopped pics and non photoshopped pics are judged in separate categories?

                Fair enough, I can see that now that you've mentioned it, still thoroughly disagree that it's "most of the pic" as some people are saying. If you removed all the physical work done (costume, scars, contacts, shaved head) it would just be a random photoshopped pic that looks nothing like cosplay. Looking at the non-shopped pic her costume still looks helluva boss. A little photoshopping to enhance the effect isn't exactly cheating. Not to mention that she hasn't gone the wig/bald cap route and she's actually shaved her head, which I think shows a fair bit of commitment. Most people don't even go with their own hair for a costume.

      Yes it really is cosplay, and not a bad go at it as well.

      Sagat's costume consists of: muay thai trunks, wrist and ankle wraps, eye patch, shaved head and a big chest scar. It's obvious that she has done all of this in physical form and they are pretty much spot on. The only photoshop stuff is the flame an overall slight desaturated colour shift and a little blur.

      So the majority of it IS cosplay, with photoshop effects added to enhance the photo.

    If female Sagat were hit by Ryu's Shoryuken it would have punched off her breast.

    Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Sagat like um, a dude?

      There's little wrong with one gender playing a character of the other.

    Technically "Crossplay" but that is just semantics. Looks good.

    Wow, such insightful comments.

    Saw a video with her in it... Looks so much better without the photoshop crap all over it

    Hahahaha, penis envy is hilarious. No matter how hard lesbians try be men, they are still the weaker sex. She is the wimpiest/scrawniest Sagat I've ever seen, an insult to Sagat's image. I just glad no man will ever have to sleep with her, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

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