Turning North Korea Into The Mushroom Kingdom

Earlier this week, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un visited an indoor mushroom farm and called for the country to become a world-class mushroom producer. A mushroom kingdom, if you will.

"The mushroom cultivation grounds look very nice and I am pleased to see them," said the Supreme Commander (via NKLW), who added that it was necessary to follow the wishes of late President Kim Il-Sung, the country's founder, and turn North Korea into a "world famous mushroom producer".

This is Kim Jong-Un outside the mushroom farm. I don't think he's being held back from going at the fungi.

While that certainly sounds like a good idea (especially considering the country's famines), online in Japan, people seemed amused by the idea of North Korea turning into a "mushroom country".

"What is this, Mario Brothers?" asked on commenter on 2ch, Japan's largest forum. "The Mushroom Kingdom has arrived," said another commenter on Hachima, a popular Japanese game blog.

There, there were those simply amused by seeing a smiling Kim Jong-Un surrounded by mushrooms.

Good thing they don't look like dicks, huh?

Kim Jong Un Visits Mushroom Farm [North Korea Leadership Watch]

Kim Jong Un Provides Field Guidance to Mushroom Farm [[email protected]]

버섯농장 방문한 김정은 제1위원장 [Joins]

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    "Good thing they don’t look like dicks, huh?"
    i c wot u did there... lol

    That is definitely the grin of a man thinking, "these mushrooms look like hundreds of dicks".

    Seems like a fun guy even when there's not much room.

    Last edited 18/07/13 3:43 pm

    I came in expecting mushroom cloud/nuclear weaponry jokes, and left disappointed.

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