Ubisoft Supports Policy Changes On The Xbox One (And The Price)

When it comes to launch titles on new consoles, Ubisoft has always been a strong supporter and its a policy that has worked well for them. Ubisoft always seems positive regarding the launch of new hardware and that won't change with the Xbox One. According to CEO Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft is happy with the changes to its used game policy, and it reckons the "price is right" when it comes to the Xbox One.

Some speculated that publishers like EA and Ubisoft were behind Microsoft's decision to limit trades on the Xbox One, but Guillemot seemed to support Microsoft's response to consumers.

"I think consumers didn't like their approach, so the fact they went back and listened to the consumers and gave them something different is a good move to ensure the new consoles [achieve] their potential," said Guillemot, speaking to Games Industry International.

And the price? The Xbox One is $50 more expensive than the PS4 here in Australia, but in the US? The difference is $100. Far more significant, but Guillemot thinks the price is fair.

"For the hardware they're putting on the market, the price is right," he claimed. "They are offering machines that will be exceptional, and for those prices, they're good deals."

Xbox One policy changes get thumbs up from Ubisoft [Games Industry International]


    He looks like someone's approving grand mother.
    It's freaking me out a little! D:

      AC4 collector's edition to come with butterscotch candy and a hand knitted sweater?

    It doesn't really matter to ubisoft anyway. Still need uplay passport to play online

    I don't particularly care about the console price, it's the game prices I'm more worried about. Microsoft's original mandate may have reduced the price of new games. Not that it would have fixed the discrepancy in prices compared to overseas, but still.

      I doubt it. Jump on xbl now and have a look at all the ancient games they are selling for full rrp. Microsoft wanted to create an environment where you had no choice but to pay full price through them.

      Really? What makes you think that it would have fixed the prices? Was it Steam? Where I can jump on Amazon and buy a game for half the price? Or was it PSN, where they still charge us an arm and a leg? Or XBL? What exactly made you think it would fix prices. Any company will take any chance to increase their profit margin. If they have a choice between having a wider profit margin or doing the right thing and lowering prices, they will always pick profit

    I was actually going to buy both systems, but now with the 180 both systems seem the same...so I'm only getting the XB1 now as it still a little more innovative

      TV is not innovation...

        But interactive tv is. Kinda interested with what they'll do. Smart tvs are shit. Fantasy league will only be the start. They could really change tv if the execution is right

          Not taking the chance when they could backflip on the DRM again. The novelty on the 'interactive TV' will wear out after a couple of goes and it only works for people in the US where the price difference between the Xbox One and PS4 is $100.

        No but I can also play an arcade game while I'm waiting for a multiplayer match....that is innovation

      I just like the games, specs and price more on the ps4 to be honest... Will probably pick up an Xbone later one when its price drops and it has games im actually interested in.

      Any innovation they might have had, good or bad, was thrown out the window with their policy retraction. If the two consoles are now more or less the same, the PS4 is cheaper, and has the potential for better exclusives (I personally the back catalogue of PS exclusives better than the xbox back catalogue of exclusives). But, whatever floats your boat I guess.

    The authentication services and the infrastructure that was to be implemented was probably included in the E3 price of the Xbox One.

    Compared to PS4, Xbox One to me looks cheaper in every way [the box, the specs, launch games] except for the Kinect 2.

    I thought RISE would be a definite for Kinect 2, but now it seems they found out the feature was only going to ruin their best launch exclusive, so they changed it to the good old controller. Imagine how hard it is to design a full fledged game around Kinect would be for a third party, if it's this bad for the guys that had been developing the Kinect in conjunction with.

    PS4 just has it's money well managed and their vision is well aligned with what hardcore gamers want. They spent the most money on the GPU, included a replaceable HDD, and I don't think anyone will argue, PS4 console design/look is a few decades ahead of it's competitor.

    What I value on XBOX One is the extra rumble features they introduced in the new controller. However, having seen them work with PCs at E3, diminished the necessity for a separate box just to enjoy that feature.

    To save XBox they are going to need really good exclusives, I'm talking 10/10 AAA and not games like TitanFall that are also available on PC and the 8 year old XBOX360 at the same time. These days even console gamers have pretty powerful PCs.

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