Watch All Of Lost Odyssey, Without Actually Playing It

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Last week, I wrote about the remarkable short stories of Lost Odyssey, an Xbox 360-exclusive role-playing game that played with prose in some delightful ways. This morning, a reader named Nabil showed me a video project he put together last year.

To quote Nabil: “I recorded the entirety of the game and then edited into episodes, so it can be enjoyed as a series. Anyone can understand the video, even those who are not familiar with the game or video games in general. It is not only a collection of cutscenes put one after the other. There are also gameplay sections, and a lot of editing work to make the whole thing flow like a real TV show or movie.”

You can watch the first episode above, or the whole series as a playlist here. (Yep, the subtitles are in French, but the voices are in English.)

Of course, watching the game doesn’t really compare to putting your hands on a controller, but if you can’t get your hands on Lost Odyssey or you just want to experience the story, this seems like the perfect way to do it.


  • This is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest games I regret not finishing. I managed to get to about the 3rd disc three times but never completed it. So for me this is as good as it gets now.

    • I agree with the voices themselves being better (Listening to Cooke in English hurt), but since the game’s lip-synced for the English dub, the Japanese language track hurts the cinematic feel.

  • Lost Odyssey is without a doubt my top JRPG of this generation. Nuanced characters that grow beyond their archetypes, great writing, an excellent soundtrack and a cool battle system.

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