Would You Like To Buy 1000 Famicoms? Well, You Can!

The Famicom is an iconic game console. It established Nintendo as a gaming powerhouse. So! How would you like to own, oh, a thousand Famicoms?

On Yahoo! Auctions Japan, a seller is offering a lot of one thousand Famicoms (above). Just look at that stack. Look at it! Goodness.

The haul contains 480 Famicom consoles in excellent condition, 420 consoles in good condition and 100 consoles that have yellowed in the sun.

The opening bid is nearly $US76,000. That's a lot of money, but this is a lot of Famicoms! There are enough consoles here for you to play a new one everyday for nearly the next three years.

Four days are left in this auction, and currently, there are no bids.

ファミコン1000台 [Yahoo! Auction via 秒間SUNDAY]


    Working out at $76 each? I wonder what the shipping to Australia would be. Would be a sound investment for the future if you had stupid cash lying around

      Or get a group of people to buy them (maybe even a chain like GameTraders?). For $76 I'd grab one!

    And there are no bids.

    I don't mean to be harsh but wouldn't it make more sense just to set up a shop on the likes of Amazon or eBay and just sell them individually?

    Obviously they should be turned into a bitcoin farm or something.

    I thought prices were supposed to go down when you bought in bulk. The stack is awesome but $76 individual price is a bit steep.

    You can get individual Famicoms for MUCH cheaper than $76 on Yahoo! Auctions Japan. I got mine for like $48, and it was boxed and in excellent condition.

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