You Have To See The Best Moves From This Year’s EVO

Even if you’re not a fighting game fan, it’s difficult to watch this video and not be struck by how complex if not beautiful these combos by COMBONAUTS are. It’s not just about racking up the hits and landing a ton of damage either: some of these are choreographed to have no damage. It’s amazing.

Combonauts premiered this footage during this year’s EVO, and the combos it features are all from King of Fighters XIII — in case you were wondering.

KOF XIII EVO 2013 Special Exhibition [COMBONAUTS]


    • I only saw little bits and pieces of EVO this year so im not sure, but maybe it was a combo exhibition? That would have been something cool to watch 😀

    • This is merely a combo exhibition. In actual fact, most of these combo exhibitions are made using tool assists. It doesn’t mean the combos aren’t possible to be pulled off by a human player, but really most of these combos are impractical to use in a real fight and do so little damage by the end of it that its just not worth it.

  • And that’s why I don’t play fighting games anymore, Streetfighter2 was awesome” back in the day”, but to be honest… all I saw was glitches/bugs/exploits in that video compilation.

    *Takes off grumpy old man hat*

    • What? lol. ok you’re forgiven because to someone who isn’t familiar with this game it would definitely look glitchy. But if you notice when the characters suddenly have a glowy shadowy property, this is an actual move that makes all attacks cancellable into another attack, hence looking “glitchy” as you say. None of these are actual glitches or exploits! (well maybe except the one where Iori was attacking nothing in one part of the video…)

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