Listen To Kirby Mixed With Kanye West. It Is Glorious.

We've posted a few of 2Mello's video game/hip hop remixes with um... mixed results. The Jay-Z/Chrono Trigger one? Brilliant. The Nas/Castlevania effort? Not quite as good. This new track, however, is bananas. It mixes music from Kirby 64 with a live A Capella rendition of Kanye West's Power and it is (for want of a better term) epic.

Apparently 2Mello is going to be bashing one of these remixes out a week, and you can make requests. Next week's effort is going to be based on a track from Secret of Mana (no idea which track). This makes me happy because it's the one I would have requested any if I had the chance.

In the meantime, however, bump this bad boy. It's off the richter!


    I just don't hear much of the game tracks in any of these.... very minimal addition..

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