A Love Letter To Mass Effect 2's Normandy

The Normandy SR2, Shepard & Co.'s ship from Mass Effect 2, couldn't get a better memento as far as I'm concerned. YouTuber ultrabrilliant's amazing clip is the latest one in his series celebrating beautiful game worlds.

It's going to bring back all the feels.

Other Places: Normandy SR2 (Mass Effect 2) [YouTube]


    Oh man, I love that ship. I think the design got better with each game.

    Mass Effect 3 spoilers. (http://www.rot13.com/)

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    Ummm the mass effect 3 normandy sucked.... i liked mass effect 2 normandy better.
    Also was i the only one who liked the mass effect 1 citadel the best?

      Mass Effect 1 citadel was by far the best, because it actually made you feel like you were in a large place. Mass Effect 2 citadel felt tiny, and Mass Effect 3 citadel wasn't bad but it didn't match Mass Effect 1's.

    I really should play ME1 and ME3. I finished ME2 and it was brilliant.

    Oh man that ship was sweet. Can remember being reunited with Joker and the Normandy in ME2 and just being blown away by how cool the design was. I would so be okay with cruising across the stars hanging out in the captain's loft. Say what you will about Cerberus but they sure know how to design a ship! :P

      Yeah, though you'd think they could include a few more cabins for your crew - like Garrus was ALWAYS standing at that terminal, he must've got sore legs!

        He shoulda hooked up a hammock, then you'd walk in while he's napping and he'd be obviously dreaming of calibrations.

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