Battlestar Galactica Confused With Futuristic Aircraft Carriers

Battlestar Galactica Confused with Futuristic Aircraft Carriers

The Japanese language version of Chinese state media site recently ran an article titled "Four Major Trends in Aircraft Carrier Development". Guess one of those trends is Battlestar Galactica art. (AKA China Internet Information Center) is a Chinese Government-authorised website (read: state media) and translates articles into a variety of languages, such as French, German, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic and more. The issue here is about a futuristic aircraft story appearing on the Japanese language site.

Battlestar Galactica Confused with Futuristic Aircraft Carriers

As South China Morning Post points out, the article covers topics like advances in missile defence systems, drones and electromagnetic catapults, and how they factor into developments in aircraft carriers.

Battlestar Galactica Confused with Futuristic Aircraft Carriers

However, online in Japan, people wondered if the images that appeared in the article came from a video game or from famed anime Macross. One net user figured out that the image actually was a Battlestar Galactica schematic — which, obviously, has little to do with aircraft carriers!

Battlestar Galactica Confused with Futuristic Aircraft Carriers

Another image that appeared in the article was a floating city concept design by a Belgian architect. Likewise, not much to do with aircraft carriers!

Battlestar Galactica Confused with Futuristic Aircraft Carriers

This is reminiscent of when Chinese newspaper Global Times ran photos of a new Japanese military helicopter "design concept" — which was actually a DeviantArt creation.

As of publication, the futuristic aircraft carrier article was still up on, Battleship Galactica and all.

空母発展の4大すう勢 [] It's Battlestar China! Media passes off sci-fi pictures as aircraft carrier of the future [SCMP]

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    So basically china wants to build a battlestar

    I can't help but think that to the Chinese people whose media-intake is strictly filtered and supervised, the rest of the world must be an incredibly scary place.

      Probably exactly what they want them to think ;)

      You should look up the story of Kim Hyon-hui, the North Korean spy who blew up an airliner. It highlights that exactly.

      " Kim was taken on several occasions to see the prosperity of Seoul outside of her prison cell. The prison authorities also showed her TV shows and news reports showing the affluent lifestyle of South Koreans. She had been taught that the South was a corruption-riddled fiefdom of the United States and that poverty was widespread."

    The reverse has been true. One of the early, iconic images of the J-10 fighter was a 'fans' creation from somewhere in Shanghai. It was plastered all over US News, Janes (A reputable source on security matters) and all the pre-wikipedia pages from back then.

    I ended up finding the guy a job. He only did 3D as a hobby.

    eh, CNN and BBC get images wrong all the time. Funny, but not anything inherent to the culture of state run media.

    Hold on, The BattleStar (Galactica in this case) contains a contingent of around 120 Vipers and 50 Raptors, if that doesn't constitute and aircraft carrier not sure what does.

    Actually, the Galactica does have a fair bit to do with aircraft carrier. it carries a few Viper squadrons, after all.

    So not that far from the truth. Just...a few years...of development out.

    Welcome to Chinese journalism - where everything's made up and the sources don't matter.

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