CNBC Asks: "Did Call Of Duty Kill Chivalry?"

The motives behind shifting gender roles and economics are complex and nuanced. But screw it, let's blame it all on Call of Duty instead.

In a spirited debate that we clearly needed to have, CNBC's The Kudlow Report looked at the total aggregate playtime of Call of Duty players and asked if the series was turning American men into big, jobless wusses who can't get dates. They threw the topic to a couple of pundits, who then disputed the issue until my face somehow ended up in my palm.

One side of the "hot topic" debate was from some random person they got from a matchmaking website, who claimed that Call of Duty was a solo activity, one that's demolishing our economy and causing a schism between ourselves and the real world. She went on to say that people don't talk in Call of Duty, and that it was not as healthy or social as activities like Facebook, Online Dating or Ping-Pong. Guys, Call of Duty is "tearing people apart".

On the other side, CNBC's Caroll Roth brought some sanity to the whole thing, making a case for letting people do whatever the hell they want, saying that gaming was not inherently different than any other activity people do to have fun. In one fell swoop, she dismantled the whole argument.

"People are gonna find any way they can to screw around....they're gonna find some other way to procrastinate — that is the American way nowadays".

I'm not sure why, but that made me feel oddly patriotic.

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    CoD certainly is more popular than Chivalry, but you cant compare em. so you cant really attribute the death of one to the other.
    I mean, ones a military shooter, the other is a medieval team-based first-person melee game.

    /intentionally missing the point
    also, /giving CNBC's stupid argument more attention than it deserves.

      The exact joke I was going to throw out there, except you did it much better than I would have. Well done sir.

      Well obviously they were not talking about the game. watch the video geez.

      /intentionally missing the point of the intentionally missed point comment.

    I see what you did there...and I like it :)

    A few points.
    #1 props to 35, glorious point
    #2 CoD is kinda just a single example, WoW is a good one too
    #3 It isn't killing chivalry, it is killing social interaction, I think you would likely find that, at least in all examples that "aren't" CoD, that the people in question are more inclined to chivalrous acts than others more accustomed to social norms.

    How did I miss this? As soon as I started playing CoD, I stopped opening doors for women and started shooting them in the face instead.

    Seriously, 2.85 million years across 100 million players over 9 years (1st Cod was in 2003) is (2.85/900) = 0.32% of time spent or about 32 minutes per player per week.

    I wonder what those numbers would look like if you looked at something like spectator sports instead.

    Also, kudos to 35.

    Absolutely - spend a few minutes interacting with fellow COD players and you'd be forgiven for never wanting to partake in social interaction ever again.

    46 seconds... that's how long I lasted watching this video...

    wait u have head sets and u talk what they need to fix is slut over make up women

    Mean women killed chivalry, last time I opened a door for a girl carrying an armful of stuff I got kicked in the shin.

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