How Sexy Is The Xbox One? So Flippin' Sexy

Mmmm…. video game hardware. It's so sexy. It's black and plastic, and smells like… plastic. It's the sexiest. Touching video game hardware is literally as pleasurable as touching a human person. They should've called the Xbox One the Sexbox One. Or the Xxxboxxx One. Or just called it "Sex."

This humorous (and kinda shockingly racy!) video from OXM takes a look at just how sexy Microsoft's new console is. Enjoy, and be sure to watch to the end.


    That was actually pretty funny.

    But that whole package is really damned sexy. Big, but sexy.

      I cracked up at the 'if you want to plug the Xbox into itself' comment.

    How much is microsoft paying you to post all these articles ????

    Class. That feeling of rushing home with a new console (if you aren't a blaggard who gets it delivered) and unpacking everything and, ooooooooohhhhhhh shiny. You only get that feeling once. Enjoy it...maybe not as perverted as the video...but enjoy it all the same

      i call it the 'Pre Fingerprint Excitement Period'!

        Maybe more relevant to this video: "Pre Fingering Excitement Period" :p

      pulling the film off the shiny bits FTW.

    Take a cable and playfully nudge it around the out port, maybe getting a little bit of data on the end before QUICKLY JAMMING IT IN TO THE OTHER ONE

    Lost my shit over that one!

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