Link Isn't Smiling This Time

Link Isn't Smiling This Time

Reader Brady Goldsmith drew this rather grisly take on The Legend of Zelda. He writes: "This is my attempt at a realistic approach to Link — bloody, raw, gritty."

If you prefer a happier Link, there's an upcoming Zelda game for you...

See more of his art at his Deviant Art page.


    It's a great wrok of art, but Link doesn't smile on that much box art anyway. He certainly wasn't for Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword.

    There's a lot of cool stuff going on in that pic. Really really like the darker, grittier mature style. I don't know much about art or drawing (and totally suck at it), but it does look as though a lot of work went into all the detail. The piece (and the poem I might add) are pretty awesome so well done. That being said, this particular one isnt my cup of tea just because, the Link in the pic is tall, seems kinda lanky and has massive ears. That just isnt how I personally pictured Link's dimensions. But it's definitely growing on me. Keep churning out pieces like that because its always cool to see different people's take on the Hero of Time and see their :)

    No one can be believed as dark and gritty in a green pointy hat.

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