The Xbox One Is Apparently Designed To Stay On For 10 Years

The Xbox One Is Apparently Designed To Stay On For 10 YEARS

People used to laugh when Sony said the PS3 was going to be around for a decade (even though it was a totally fair thing to say!), so I can only imagine those same folks' reaction to word that the next Xbox isn't just designed to be around for a decade, but stay powered on for a decade.

According to a report on Eurogamer, citing "inside sources at Microsoft", so intent is the company on avoiding the same power and heating issues that led to the Red Ring of Death in the Xbox 360 that they've gone bananas with the Xbox One, shooting for a goal that the system should be able to remain powered on for a full decade without failing.

Seems the new console is a large beast, bigger even than the original launch 360, and all that space is because Microsoft has gone to town on its heat dissipation, leaving enough room and then some for the console to cool down.

In addition to that, it's also reportedly designed to run "almost entirely silent" most of the time, including while playing media, only making a sound when running an intensive game. Given I've still got a couple of 2008-ish consoles that sound like 747s taking off while I'm watching a movie, that would be pretty great.

Xbox One is designed to be always-on for 10 years [Eurogamer]


    Would be great if it didn't use power for 10 years. With electricity prices always going up who wants an always on device?

    The 360 was horrible. You could feel the vibrations the fans made from about 10 metres away.
    Still, isn't it better to turn your electronics properly off? To make them perform better?

      I don't think they're suggesting it's a good idea to run the thing for the next decade without powering it off, just like Apple probably doesn't recommend repeatedly backing your car over your ipod nano - but they make it able to handle that, so that it can handle some unusual situations.

        Yes but at some point , it has to boil down to user accountability. All the safety features on cars today definitely save lives, but there's also an increased reliance on those features which some people use to not supplement driver skill but abuse it. The bigger question is, should we spend that money on better education, increase knowledge and skill, something technology at this point still cannot give or replace..

    Think you guys missed the point. They attempting to quote what they do with tv's. ie. how many hours it will run for before potential screen issues will occur etc. the claim is stating 10 years. Great for us warranty wise - as they making an implied warranty. So forget the 12 months - we should be cheering - 10 years.. Obviously there will be fine print for them to make the claim without challenge. I feel this is just a marketing attempt to say they don't have the rrod issue as per the 360.

      I don't think you get it either. All they're saying is that they've designed it so that it theoretically shouldn't overheat if it was left on for 10 years. That doesn't mean that you get 10 years warranty.

    I guess part of it would also come down to how/when it clears your cache or RAM as well. A certain amount of time idle and it does a system flush or something?

    Considering my 360 can't even stay working for extended periods without multiple repairs you will have to excuse me if I don't believe you MS

      Mine is fine... Original white... 7 years old

        Same. Bought, like... six months after launch. Lucky, I guess.

        That said, I barely use the bloody thing.

          I know the failure rate is high (indefensibly) however the hyperbole that every Xbox360 bursts into flames gets a bit out of hand.

            Still, the hyperbole seems to serve a purpose in this instance. Like you say, the 360 failure rate IS indefensibly high.

            And nothing pisses you off when you have a problem quite like the inevitable internet chorus of, "Well I don't have a problem, so there clearly ISN'T a problem," from people who don't see why effort should be spent on something that isn't affecting them.

            (Edit: To summarize: Better to have them shamed into remedial action than hiding behind defenders denying there was ever a problem.)

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