These Are Not Real People, I Promise

Australian artist Sam Jinks used to be in animation, but a few years back shifted gears and started sculpture. He now makes things that you will look at, look more closely at, then swear they were alive. Even though they're not.

Most of his pieces are made from silicon, and to complete the realism the hair is actual human hair.

Sam Jinks [Site]

Sam Jinks [Silva Street]

These Are Not Real People, I Promise


    I've seen that one in an art gallery, it's crazy to actually see it. Looks ridiculously convincing.

      It's a really convincing piece. It's got a lot of implied emotion and energy.

    This is actually closer to what the term "uncanny valley" actually means rather then people thinking it's a funny picture of Shepard smiling.

    Ugh, creepy! I admit that it is very talented but stuff like this creeps me out so much!

    I'm pretty sure I saw one of these about a year ago in the Cairns gallery - it was an exceptionally large (she would have been 10m tall) lady laying down in bed. She was positioned with the sheets drawn up over her bent, raised knees so that as you walked into the room from near her feet that's all you saw (a mountain of sheets). As you began to walk around the side of the bed suddenly you realised there was an incredibly life-like giant and it pretty much scared the shit of everyone who entered. Instant moment of WTF-Fear. Fantastic.

    Edit: it was by Ron Mueck.

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