Two Commentators Fall For Oldest Donation Prank In The Book

Like Moe Szyslak from The Simpsons, two commentators at this weekend's Smash The Record bit down hard on some wordplay bait from donors.

Phil "EE" Visu and Daniel "DC" Coke were on desk duty last night for Smash The Record, a multi-game charity event raising funds for St. Jude Play Live. Much like Games Done Quick, those who donate can have a message and their name read aloud on the stream, and two charitable souls took advantage.

Visu casually thanks $US10 ($12) donor "4skin Tim," not realising the words he'd just said. Coke derides him for falling for the oldest trick in the book, and in the same breath thanks "Jenna Tulls" for a $US1 ($1) donation.

Smash The Record is still running throughout the weekend, and there's likely more commentator high jinks to come. If you'd like to tune in and donate, you can check it out on their Twitch hub for speedrunning or the Smash stream for a bevy of Smash events.


    can someone explain the 4skin tim one, for a friend. is it just the 4skin bit or does the tim do something

      Pretty sure Tim is just part of the sales pitch, used to sell the idea of saying it mid stream. If it were just "4skin" someone would have picked it up instantly, but people read in interesting ways.

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