This Grand Theft Auto IV Mod Would Walk A Thousand Miles For You

Remember that Vanessa Carlton song from 2002? The one where she sings about walking a thousand miles while riding a piano across the country? Matthew Jackson remembers, hence this hilarious video of ChongMcBong & Sleepy's Grand Theft Auto 4 mod that turns cars into pianos.

Mind, the original video is by taltigolt, this song on the video just adds a funnier take on the havoc.

In any case, can we talk about how bullshit A Thousand Miles is, as a song? Vanessa Carlton is not walking anywhere. The song should be "I would literally sit on my butt for a thousand miles just for you;" HOW ROMANTIC.

(Thanks, Tom!)

Grand Theft Auto IV Piano Car — A Thousand Miles [Matthew Jackson/taltigolt]


    This is quite possibly one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

    this will be the first mod i want for GTA5

    This is awesome

    (But I was thinking of The Proclaimers when walking a thousand miles was mentioned. I don't remember this song. Also, his feet aren't moving so it's not walking. It's riding a piano.) :-)

    i love how other people are driving pianos as well

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