This Is What Europa Universalis IV Thinks Of Western Australia

Kotaku's Luke Plunkett is on holiday and he is playing a lot of Europa Universalis IV, as you do. In his travels he came across the above gem...

"Western Australia: Wasteland. Cannot be traverse or colonised."

For all you folks living in Perth: how are you even living there? How are you surviving? Clearly it cannot be colonised or traversed! Get the hell out of there! Guys, it is a wasteland. A wasteland.


    Good research. You can colonise the perth sea of Western Australia - known as wadjuk - just as we'll as anywhere else you can colonise. Only the vast amount of desert in WA is wasteland.

    For most of W.A., that's true!

      To be fair to the developers, WA wasn't settled by Europeans until 1826 (King George Sound) / 1829 (Swan River Colony) - 5 years after the "end date" (1821) in EU IV.

    Western Australia? Oh you mean the mining money pit! Yes yes we all love you WA, now get back to work. The spice must flow!!

      Actually; money is starting to dry up. Since we get basically noting for the money we give we have decided to stop giving it!

        Be more efficient with your business like the rest of us and dtop whining

      How about instead we (WA) start getting more of our GST revenue back instead of 45c in the dollar. We get 4.9% of the GST revenue with 10% of the population and the biggest state, that my friend is a crock of shit...

        WA's per capita GDP is 50% higher than the average and per-head tax is something like four times higher. The point of GST distribution not being simple percentages is specifically so that resource-rich states help fund resource-poor states. It's always been about looking after the country as a whole, not funneling money into states that just happen to be located where shiny bits of rock are.

    how are you even living there?

    We're not, we've all adapted Mad Max style. Survival of the fittest.

      Has the Thunderdome been prepped for the upcoming elections? Gotta make sure the right candidate wins after all.

    pretty sure thats histroical fact from when the dutch discovered western australia a few decades or so before Cook landed on the eastern sea board.

    I think Adam hills put it best:

      i wouldnt be surprised if thats excactly what the Dutch wrote in their logs when land was first discovered

    Most of WA is filled with shit. Like Port Headland.

    On a more serious note, if anyone is ever in WA and down south check out Albany... the place is a coastal paradise. Some of the best scenery you'll see in Australia. Last time I was there i stood looking at the aqua blue water and islands in just awe.

      It is good...for the Summer. The rest of the time it's always ferkin raining!!

      Agreed the south is awesome, not just Albany but Denmark and Dunsborough are awesome too :D

    WA should be come independent....lets see the other states handle that :P

      The other states propped up WA for three decades :) Repay the debt it owes and then let's see how brave they are by themselves.

        West Australia contributes an estimated 58% of Australia's Mineral and Energy Exports.....wheat production in WA is nearly 10 million tonnes, accounting for almost half the nation's total......bring it on :P

          Zap's comment is right, though. WA benefited from tax redistribution for a long time. Now NT is the state that benefits most from redistribution and WA no longer needs it. But that's the thing: for ages, WA needed help from richer states that had more tax money, saying "halp...we're all Australian, let's band together", but now WA is one of those richer states being asked for help and it's running off down the street shouting "every state for itself!" =)

            No we didn't. Our infrastructure has always sucked, and will continue to suck now that our boomtime is paying for highways on the eastern seaboard instead of here.

              All the big eastern states get less back than they pay, so WA money isn't going to Queensland, NSW or Victoria. The only states getting more back than they pay are NT, SA, ACT and Tasmania.


      We'll have our army, infrastructure and social infrastructure back thanks.

      Lol I'm only stirring, both me and the wife are from Sydney :D. we just came here to take advantage of it all :D. Average income east coast 62k average WA income 90K :D

      Well WA did vote for it by a landslide back in the 30s!

    Yeah noticed that as well. Brilliant. Not all of WA is uninhabitable. The South West including modern day Perth can be colonised in the game if you are adventurous. Regardless historically accurate in terms of European colonisation history is concerned.

    Is this better or worse than 'Earth: Mostly Harmless'?

    isn't that basically a reference to when they first found western australia (wasn't that the first they saw of Australia) they were like "what a shithole....lets go back"

    In all seriousness, when the game is set that's pretty much all Northern WA is good for- in the context of the game it's strategically unimportant. You can colonise the coast of the eastern states, SA, and the southern tip of WA

    I love how they have basically made all of Australia desert, even the tropics. I don't think the Swedes that made this game have quite a full idea of what the climate of Australia is.

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