Watch Conan O'Brien Play Splinter Cell And Suck HIlariously

Believe it or not, this is the first time I've watched Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer series — wherein popular late night TV host Conan attempts to play the latest video games with genuinely hilarious results. This time he's playing Splinter Cell: Blacklist alongside rapper J. Cole. He does a fantastic impression of 'generic action man with a gun and a vendetta' so it's worth sticking around for that.

It's also sort of worth watching for an insight into just how hard video games can be for people who have never really played them before. Sometimes I get super frustrated with tutorial sections and dumbed down scripting, but yeah. Some people need that. People like Conan O'Brien.


    General: "You think America can't find you?"

    J. Cole: "Cole world, General"

    Jay is excited for it, so am I! 5th Freedom Edition here we come!

    The tomb raider one he does is the best

    anyone else watching this because the halo 4 update is taking so bloody long to download?

    My favourite clueless gamer is still the tomb raider one, Conan's reaction to the rather abrupt deaths is well worth the bandwidth

    It is nowhere near as funny without the other regular guy for Conan to bounce off.

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