The Mario Bros Have Some Pretty Damn Sweet Parkour Moves

Which shouldn't be surprising, seeing as they've starred in heaps of platformers. But, hey, video proof!

In reality, the two extremely talented people you see here are Christian Russell as Mario and Ronnie Shalvis as Luigi, of CBR Stunts and Ronnie Street Stunts, respectively — although I'd suspect their normal line of work doesn't have them dodge quite as many fireballs.

Super Mario Brothers Parkour (In Real Life) [YouTube — Thanks Ray Almeda!]


    Just look at the face on that incredibly horrified kid at 2:08, he's seen some shit.

    But I don't think that's the real Mario Brothers, these guys can't seem to keep their hats on.

    ... Didn't mark post this just yesterday?

    Is reblogging posts a thing now?

      Guess Andras didn't know, but if we can know, he should.

      Kotaku AU imports US feeds, so they probably discovered it after Mark. However, sometimes two US 'writers' will separately relink the same thing within hours-days of each other. There's obviously little communication within Gawker HQ, and zero oversight because this shit and obvious typos get published all the damned time with no retraction or edit.

        Mark Serrels is the editor of Kotaku AU, so it wouldn't come from the US.

        Maybe they're having some sort of office drama.. like.. not acknowledging each other's existence.

    This is awesome, but being a PT, all I can think when I watch parkour is about how rooted these guys knees are going to be by the time they're 30. \

    All that impact, usually from an angle. It's the worst thing you can do to your joints.

    Looks really, really awesome though.

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