Bungie Shows Off More Destiny, Thanks Its Community

Bungie Shows Off More Destiny, Thanks Its Community

Bungie has always been a highly community-driven developer, even since before the launch of Halo, so its not surprise that our latest (brief) glimpse of Destiny comes via a video of Bungie thanking its community.

Destiny’s been on drawing in the superlatives recently, and the awards, recently winning Best Game In Show at Gamescom and deservedly so. It was definitely one of the top five games I saw at E3 and I’m looking forward to it massively.

Bungie seems to be tempting more to its fans, and I can’t wait to see whatever it they want to show. Destiny, I am caught in your tractor beam of hype. I can’t help it. I’m wriggling and squiggling but there is no give.

Dear Bungie,

Does Destiny have tractor beams?

Regards, Mark


    • The Halo community has become really shit because it’s full of angry people. It’s full of angry people because 343 made a shit Halo.

        • Eh, by itself I’d say Halo 4 is only average. Also made the rookie (and triple A title developer) mistake of leaving out a local only search option for multiplayer.

          • Every ounce of my spirit, mind and soul agrees with you so much. Without this option Halo 4 was dead on arrival. True, the game probably isn’t shit, it’s average. I have lots of other problems with the game, the fiction, the multiplayer balance, but what game doesn’t have those issues? I suffered through armour-lock and bloom with Reach and loved that game to death. I can deal with problematic design if the core of the game is good, but without local search Halo 4 was dead on arrival for me and everyone I know.

            But I have to praise 343 for the visuals. Halo 4 was a stunning game to look at in a graphical/horsepower sense.

            Been playing loads of Reach lately tho and it plays great, good connection and everything.

          • I can only give my opinion, but I’ve played at least a bit of every Halo game out there and 4 is the first one I’ve ever liked…

      • No. PC would ruin the whole thing! lol

        Nah like, I love knowing that this game is only on consoles. Because when an FPS goes to PC, everyone knows it will be best on PC, with a mouse and keyboard. Even I prefer FPS games on PC. I want to know that I have the best version of Destiny on my console 😛

        • But wouldn’t you prefer the actual best version rather then something that’s only winner by default? If it isn’t ever released on PC that doesn’t make the console version any better, just means everyone is playing something that could be better 🙁

          • If they don’t show an interest in allowing higher FOVs than 60, I’m not interested. Can’t count the amount of times I’ve felt nauseous while trying to play through the Halo campaigns on the 360 just to get the story.

  • One of my fav stories from E3 was this:

    We were staying at the W in hollywood. We came back, 4-5 guys/gals I was with all pumped up on gaming hype and we enter the lift at the hotel with a dude, a random, middle aged dude. He asked if we were at the show and if we had checked out his game. Like seriously interested if we caught ‘his’ game. Now at the show there were a number of indie or university booths and smaller games so we were expecting that to be the response when we asked.. “Oh, what game is that?”.. Destiny was his reply. I still don’t recall his name and not even sure we got it, a few high fives were exchanged and that was it.. we had a brush with someone who was working on, but could be the lead for all we know? a game yet to come out, in the lift of a hotel I was staying at…

    Sorry if no-one read that, but was a cool encounter.

    EDIT: we later realised that the dev team that were in LA were all staying with us so we would see them all in the lobby from time to time..

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