Charizard, Venusaur And Blastoise Will Have Mega Evolutions

Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise Will Have Mega Evolutions

In today's Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct, it was announced that not only will players receive the original starters from Red and Blue in Pokemon X & Y — Bulbasaur, Charmander Squirtle — but these Pokemon, once fully raised, will be able to Mega evolve.

Take a look:

Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise Will Have Mega Evolutions
Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise Will Have Mega Evolutions
Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise Will Have Mega Evolutions
Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise Will Have Mega Evolutions

Additional info, from the Pokemon website: when mega evolved, Venusaur's ability becomes "Thick Fat", which gives it protection against fire and ice moves.When Charizard mega evolves, its special attack stat grows, and its ability changes to "Drought" — which increases fire-type moves. Finally, when Blastoise mega evolves, it gains the "Mega Launcher" ability, and that makes moves such as water pulse and dark pulse become stronger.


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why why why would you do this???? all they did was put a penis on charizard's head!! stop ruining my childhood!

    Last edited 05/09/13 8:45 am

      Ruined your childhood? Really? Charizard was part of my childhood, and mine certainly ain't ruined because of this. Maybe now with these mega evolutions it'll allow for some of these more useless pokemon to be a little more viable in the competitive scene with VGC's and whatnot. I suspect that was partly the reason for introducing these mega evolutions, to make more pokemon viable and diversify the competitive scene. Much like why they added Fairy to stop dragon's dominance, and hopefully make less used types like poison more useable.

        ^^^ This guy has it.

        and to just bring some new love to some old friends, totally nothing wrong with it.

      Shut up.

      I only see three spikes/horns.

      But if yours looks like that well, everyone's different in their own special way ;)

      Noone asked you to believe there was a penis on his head. Your fault for thinking dirty thoughts.

      did they go back in time and delete your charizard? steal your red/blue cart? i think your childhood will be the same as it was before this announcement (unless you are still a child, then i can see how this would be shitty news).

    so i clicked the article thinking... there is no way they can make Blastoise better than he was, its not physically poss........ HOLY HELL THATS AWESOME!!!

      I actually thought "great now they're going to be ruined"...
      Then Blastoise happened... I MEAN ARM MOUNTED CANONS FOR CHRIST SAKE \o/

      Last edited 05/09/13 8:31 am

    Fantastic. Breathing new life into what made Pokemon great in the first place. Its about time the original Pokemon made a comeback and I can honestly say the first 150 are still definately the best :)

    I think the under emphasised thing from the direct is that you get an X/Y starter AND a kanto starter to begin with. And charizard looks awesome, I can't wait :)

      I'm not a fire pokemon fan, and the one primary thing i hated about charizard was that he didnt look enough like a dragon... this mega evo fixes that, he does look pretty awesome now

        Still remember my lvl.100 Bulbasaur. That's right, Bulbasaur!

          I still have a level 100 Squirtle, he's in my main BW2 party :D he is BOSS, i've had him since my original blue game back in 1996.

            Yep, had Bulba since my first encounter with Pokemon on Red Version! Also have a Koffing, Parasect, and Kingler with me most of the time. The others I like surprisingly come from the Ruby/Sapphire games, like Pelipper & Crawdaunt.

    What can we change to make Venusaur, Mega? Oh.... uh... lets replace the leaf on his head with a flower... that's "Mega" right?

      would have been a lot more awesome to see a some vines or something, I mean vinewhip was what I loved about bulbasaur

      Put a flower on your head and tell me you don't feel "Empowered" :P

        don't forget the the 2 new trees connected to the big flower on its back by vines

      well he's also got new branches on either side of the flower stem and vines between them. gives him a kinda more jungle look. Still I tend to agree that his evolution is the least amazing of the three.

    I totally watched this live last night, and I felt like a kid again.

    "You get to pick one of the original starters!"
    "And they now mega evolve"

    The only negative is going to be picking TWO starter Pokemon.

      My impression was that the Kanto starters are given to you a little way into the game, you still have only the XY starter for a while.

        Yeah my impression was "Pick a starter" then later in the game you meet the professor and he says "Pick a starter"

        I want them all you bastards!

        I am currently thinking Chespin and then Charmander.

          I was planning on Fennekin but now that this news has come out I might take a similar route because two fire starters is overkill.

    Mega Charizard and Blastoise look pretty sweet. Mega Venusaurs a bit of a let down though.

      nah, venusaur's back looks like a nice place to relax.

        Pretty sure it's theme is now Weezer - Island in the sun XD

          Initially read that as Weezing - Island in the sun and was confused!

    So what happens to the canned starters they revealed earlier this year?

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