All Pokémon And Their Mega Evolutions, To Scale

All Pokémon And Their Mega Evolutions, To Scale

Wailord steals the show on Ray Ray's montage from DeviantART, showing every single Pokémon and Mega Pokémon next to each other, drawn to scale.

Here's the original, larger version of the image, where you can easily see that Gen VI Pokémon are simply just tiny compared to the earlier Gen I and Gen II ones.

All Pokémon And Their Mega Evolutions, To Scale

DOTBstudios [DeviantART, via I Heart Nintendo]


    That's funny, I was just about to make one of these the other day, but it was too hard to find high res photos of all the Kalos Pokemon in order to properly scale it. I see that he just used vectors for the outline to get around that barrier, clever. I would have put them all in sequential order personally though

      It is in sequential order?

        I meant in order of size, eg smallest to largest, which I thought would make more sense considering it's all about sizes

          Yeah, I was gonna cure cancer. Couldn't be bothered though *yaaaawn*

            Lol curing cancer and making Pokemon infographic are definitely on the same difficulty level. But seriously, I was going to use the official artwork for all 718 pokemon ripped straight from the Global Link (found here ) but they didn't scale well

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