Coca-Cola Spends 4 Years Developing A Warm Carbonated Drink For Japan

Coca-Cola Spends 4 Years Developing a Warm Carbonated Drink For Japan

Is hot ginger ale a thing? In Japan, it apparently will be — or wants to be. Whichever.

Later this year, Coca-Cola Japan is rolling out cans of "hot" Canada Dry Ginger Ale. That's right, they've figured out how to can warm carbonated drinks — something that took four years of research.

Hot (well, warm) canned drinks are not new to Japan, but they are typically hot tea or hot canned coffee. MyNavi says this is the first time Coca-Cola has released a heated carbonated beverage (on purpose!). The drink has ginger extract as well as apple and cinnamon flavoring.

According to IT Media, Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale goes on sale in Japan on October 21 at convenience stores and vending machines. For those who can't wait until then, leave a few cans out in the sun. You get the idea.

I've never had hot ginger ale. Hot Dr Pepper, yes. Hot ginger ale, nope.

コカ・コーラ初、ホットな炭酸飲料「カナダドライホットジンジャーエール」発売 [IT Media]


    "Chili! Red-hot Texas-style chilli!
    And we got ginger ale ... boiling hot Texas-style ginger ale! Texas!"

    I would LOVE hot ginger ale! ... but after my previous obsession with canned Japanese coffee and knowing how terrible the canned coffee that heats itself up is for you... I'd personally be rather cautious.

    I lived on canned coffee in Japan, that shit was like redbull for the morning

    It'd probably be something similar to hot ginger tea.

    I’ve never had hot ginger ale. Hot Dr Pepper, yes. Hot ginger ale, nope.

    You and Christopher Walken both...

    So this begs the obvious question; Is hot ginger ale hot as in coffee hot and something magical in the can makes it so? or is it to be served "hot" as "left in the car during summer and accidentally taking a swig" hot? Because if the latter is the more accurate, then I have no idea how much money Coca-Cola Japan spent on research but I can guess that it cost them more than it would have a lazy Australian adolescent male.

      They have vending machines that serve both hot and cold drinks. You choose a cold one, it comes from a refrigerated compartment of the machine. Pick a hot one, it comes from the heated part.

      I got myself a hot can of corn soup from one of them.

      I'd imagine the research went into preventing the carbonated drink from exploding when heated and subsequently, how to prevent losing half your warm drink to erupting fizz when opening.

      Last edited 05/09/13 2:30 am

    carbonated and hot can. what could possibly go wrong there

    We used to have that in Australia....... it was the original Mother....... before their well-timed marketing "re-formulation"

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