Driven To Kill By Call Of Duty? Question Mark?


    Look at the headline above....
    "Why I'd rather wear a veil than nipple tassels"
    If anyone takes this publication seriously, they are clearly morons!

      "Why I'd rather wear a veil than nipple tassels"
      LOL that headline is fantastic!

      And also...! They spelled 'hero' with two Os. (Yes, I know it's rOOney but shut up, they're dumb)

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      No kidding - it's like she hasn't considered the options of wearing both or none at all!

        yeah they call that a false dichotomy, well spotted. This type of rubbish "journalism" is best ignored. Unfortunately the very reasonable critiques that counter the sensational media aren't presented with a full cover front page on the same tabloid the following day (or ever). It is hard for me to think of "Video Games Don't Kill People - Psychopaths with no morality and a lack of respect for human existence do!" plastered on a tabloid with a blown up and highly pixelated image of Ghandi.

      Channel 7 said, about GTA V, that 1: It's Australia's first R18+ rated video game.
      2: Parents are still concerned that their children will play it (don't buy it for them, use parental controls on the consoles, be PARENTS!)
      3: Anders Breivik "learnt how to shoot through playing violent video games before carrying out the Norway massacre". (Ummm, does anyone suspect that he learnt how to shoot, more so by using the Ruger Mini-14 automatic rifle that he legally owned????)

      News is ridiculous! It's like they really, really, want to blame video games! Just because they don't play them, these reporters/news anchors think games are corrupting their children, turning them violent and anti-social. But we'll let them watch Jordy Shore and all the other rubbish on TV after purchasing, FOR THEM, an R rated game.

      Bravo, unenlightened media clowns, bravo!

    Maniac able to kill with easy access to automatic weapons?

    The sooner they ban gratuitous violent video games the better.

    Being from England, I know how ridiculous The Sun is (page 3 has a topless girl on it without fail), but this really does make me mad.

      That might actually make me buy newspapers again.

        The reason people have stopped buying newspapers is because they get their news off the internet these days. Now it won't be easy, but I reckon if you dug deep enough and looked hard enough for long enough you could probably, sooner or later, find a picture of a topless girl on the internet, too.

          What? Where? TELL ME DAMN IT! :P

            Peter: Quagmire? Hey, uh, nobody see you in days.
            Quagmire: Hey, Peter. I was just been, uh..., checking out some of that internet porn.

              Soooo true!!!
              Why watch inanimate boobs in newspapers, when you can watch them bounce on your phone?

    Maniac spent 18 hours breathing air. We should ban air.

    Don't question Mark, he's clearly biased!

      He would've only put the question mark there to cover his arse. If he had put an exclamation point, he would have been making a statement and Activision probably would've sued the pants off him.

      Edit: Just re-read your post, I'm a bit slow on the uptake today, clearly I need more coffee.

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    people take note of what papers say any more? The Mirror was always a PoS, but with sales down they have to be more and more sensationalist and make more bs mountains out of molehills to try and move the products off the shelves. Unfortunately, tabloids these days are equivalent to women's gossip mags. At least they used to have some news within an article 10-15 years ago, but no more.

    Do us all a favour and ignore this crap because you've fallen exactly into the trap they want you to: attention grabbed by outlandish headline, you probably gone on The Mirror's website to find out more, advertising revenue increase

      While we're smart enough to understand this sort of BS headline (and the rest of the content) is just to get sales, there are still a good number of people stupid and brain-dead enough to take it all at face value and actually believe this kind of crap. It's actually quite scary to think that there are still people out there who believe these moron "journalists". I like to think that if we don't ignore every stupid gaming related main stream news headline, we may actually be able to educate people who would otherwise be deceived by this sort of thing, and then maybe eventually enough people will get it through their heads that games are the problem. Of course, having said that, we can't really do a lot of educating if everything is contained within gaming related sites like Kotaku... >_> So...I guess you have a point?

        and then maybe eventually enough people will get it through their heads that games are the problem.

        I'm guessing you meant that games are NOT the problem. And no they won't get it through their heads, because they're heads are filled with so much bullshit from the media that there's no room left.

          Oops. Typo. >_< But yes, that's exactly what I meant. Should probably proof-read a little better next time.

    Predicted this headline in the GTAV EB Drug thread

    Although, seriously, 18-hours a day? That leaves 6 hours to sleep, eat and shit - lets be real here...

      I read your prediction. You were pretty spot on, but then again, this is the kind of thing we've come to expect... V_V

      I did go 30h+ without sleep while concurrently eating and having small toilet breaks at LANs before. But that was in the good ol' days when I was in my teens and my body was capable of feats that are now unimaginable.

      But to maintain that... No way.

        But that was a one-off thing like (or every few weeks/months)

        This report makes it sound like he does it every day...

    Betteridge's law of headlines strikes again:'s_law_of_headlines

      Makes sense, they attempt to be stupid rhetorical questions to elicit an emotional response.

    Hey, isn't that an image from CoD Ghosts? How the heck did he get his hands on it so early? Ah right, sloppy journalism using incorrect images, but of course...

      Did you expect any less from the mainstream media?

      It's actually Ghost, one of the characters from Modern Warfare 2.

    'Driven to Call Of Duty by His Desire to Kill?'

    All fixed.

      Raving psycopath enjoyed violent video games!
      Raving psycopath enjoyed violent movies!
      Raving psycopath enjoyed eating felafel!
      Raving psycopath enjoyed the feeling of jumping into a hot shower on a cold morning!


      Coon-text? haha I couldn't resist...

    No one actually realise this is a one word article with 2 repeating image?

    lets see, the police had a profile on him. He hears voices in his head. He has hallucinations. He has access to a semi-automatic rifle. but STOP THE PRESSES. He plays call of duty!!!!

    Wait, is this the newspaper that currently has a story up saying that violent video games cause schizophrenia on one page, while another praises GTA V as "one of the entire medium’s most accomplished and amazing achievements to date"? Huzzah for consistency.

    Bloody hell, this is an utter outrage, my child should be able to walk into a video game store and purchase a video game without it corrupting their mind and soul. I bought GTA 5 for my daughter two days ago under the assumption it was about living in the real world, now she's doing the drugs I left on the kitchen bench and shooting birds with the 22 I leave laying against the wall with no safety. It's ridiculous that in this day and age, games are not regulated enough, with no form of classification system, and no way of telling me how violent and DISGUSTING these games actually are.

    Video games are the devil and should be sent back to the pits of hell from where they came!

    I was hoping Plunkett would actually take the opportunity to discuss the state of media as relating to gamers and the common portrayal of them as villains or slipping in some non-sequitur about violence and games when doing a story about gamers doing good. Instead, we get a one word article with an image and the headline repeated. I guess this is why I read Rock Paper Shotgun as well.

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    See what i would like is some journalists actually doing their job and investigating causes to these shooting and i think they will find that most if not all of these shooting are caused by people that are on anti-psychotic drugs or anti-depressants or a combination of both.
    What is alarming is some of these types of drugs in the US are removed from sale due to adverse side effects only to be picked up by another pharmaceutical company to be put back on the market.

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