EA's Brand New CEO Is An Australian...

And that Australian is former executive VP of EA Sports Andrew Wilson. You might know Andrew Wilson as the chap that frequently presents on upcoming sports franchises at E3 press conferences. On EA's official website, Andrew Wilson broke the news, and discussed his vision for EA's future.

"From my start at EA in Australia back in 2000, through stops in Asia, Europe and now North America, I’ve worked with people in this company who have consistently amazed and inspired me," he said. "It’s my passion for our people and the great products we all impact that gives me such excitement for our future. I hope you all feel the same level of energy and optimism that I do as we embark on this journey together."

Interestingly, Wilson believes that EA's current direction — exploring new online, digital revenue streams and continuing to produce high quality AAA games — is a sound one, and he hopes to continue leading the company down that path. One of his additional goals is to instill "a culture of execution that will drive profitable growth."

"I envision EA as the World’s Greatest Games Company," he explains. "This is not about what we are aiming for or what we will become. Rather, it is about an unfaltering commitment to what we will be every day. This is an attitude that must drive our culture as one team.

"I also believe EA’s strategy is sound. Our focus on our talent, our brands and our platform together with our investment in next-generation consoles, mobile and PC free-to-play, as part of our ongoing transition to digital, is right. But we have plenty of work ahead to ensure our collective success."


    TV, TV, TV, sports, sports, SPORTS!

    They do have a lot of brand equity when it comes to sports, so it makes some sense for them to continue to focus on that.

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      It was actually Mircosoft that did all the TV stuff... And they have a lot of great IPs outside of sports.

        I'm well aware of that, but EA was pushed along with all their sports technology in the MS keynote.

    EA is a company big enough to dabble in experiments.

    I liked when EA were trying new IPs. Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, Army of Two etc etc. I want EA to keep doing that.

    Maybe he can give fellow Aussies a job :P This is a great thing, we are some of the hardest workers in the world - but also we tend to take a bit of sick leave - so it's a give and take situation :P

    So as an Australian, he wholeheartedly understands the frustration of having to pay the Australia tax and will see to it that our fair country won't be ripped off anymore?
    Wait, what's that? Nothing will change at all? Businessmen only like money?
    Ah well, worth a shot.

      the tax is a myth when you look at it logically

    Time for EA to throw a few barbies on the shrimp cobber.

      Time for shrimp to throw EA on the barbie cobber.

    Ohno, now the rest of the world will realize that we don't just grow lovable rogues and loud, drunken backpackers with charming accents, but are also capable of exporting bastards! (Murdoch could've just been a fluke.)

    I mean, for Christ's sake, his stated goal is, "A culture of execution that will drive profitable growth." He filled out an entire bureaucratese bingo card in one sentence.

      Hahaha. I still have one of those cards on my desk and yeah, that pretty much filled it all.

      The gaming industry is now driven by corporations. Which is great when you get games like GTA V that probably wouldn't be possible without that model, but sadly long gone are the days of games being made in a garage.

      Good times those were.

      We should do our bit to keep supporting the indie developers.

    Local boy makes... good?

    Seriously though, was his name even mentioned in the popular speculation?
    I remember talk revolving around Moore, Gibeau and maybe Matrick.

    I wonder how Moore and Gibeau took the news, and I wonder how long before either of them leave?

    Sounds like the perfect time for Microsoft to get the old band back together... someone go find Allard (he'll be wearing a hoodie and suit coat combination).

    I'll just be happy if they let Steam have BF4 and Crysis 3. Stupid 15GB BigPond wireless limit means I can't use Origin but Steam is unmetered.

    One of his biggest concerns is probably to see Star Wars The Old Republic making some serious money. But apart from that - EA is doing pretty well for themselves. And next year - they have the huge release that is The Sims 4. Battlefield 4 looks set to sell plenty, and having the Star Wars Licence should allow them to do some interesting things - hopefully more than movie tie ins.

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