FIFA Online Spat In South Korea Leads To Developer Lawsuit

FIFA Online Spat in South Korea Leads to Developer Lawsuit

Korean game company Neowiz filed a lawsuit against EA Korea over FIFA Online, reports Korean site Gamemeca. Neowiz co-developed FIFA Online 2, which became a big hit and accounted for 15 per cent of Neowiz's total sales.

However, for FIFA Online 3, Neowiz got left out in the cold: EA Korea partnered with Nexon and shuttered FIFA Online 2 in South Korea this past March.

Neowiz is claiming FIFA Online 3 is benefiting from the successful FIFA Online 2's audience, and is citing Korean commerce law, which says companies can request additional compensation for a specified period, even after a contract ends, should a business continue to grow significantly.

EA Korea told Gamemeca, 'We have received a legal notice regarding FIFA Online 2 from Neowiz.' However, the company would not offer any further details.

네오위즈게임즈, EA코리아에 '피파2' 관련 소송 제기 [Gamemeca — Thanks Sang!]


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