Getting Close And Personal With The Hard-Working People Of Your Town

Upcoming medieval-esque city builder Banished will have a "follow mode". Here's a video of what it looks like.

Basically, follow mode allows you to get rid of the user interface and zoom in on and follow the day-to-day activities of one of your colonists, whether they're working, getting something to eat, heading home, or, say, dying in a horrible mining accident. It's a small addition, but one that helps you get that much closer to the people keeping your town afloat. A nice thing to have, for sure.

Banished is expected on PC "before the end of the year".

Feature Creep [Shining Rock Software]


    I hope it works better than the same feature promised in Sim City before it was release.

    While this is kind of 'cool story bro', I'm glad it's there, purely because it means someone is paying attention to this game, meaning it's likely I'll hear about it when it's released and will be reminded to go buy as soon as humanly possible.

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