First They Were Banished. Now They're Dying, Thanks To Me.

In Banished all the townsfolk have been thrown out of their nice, comfy homes. It's up to you to help build them some place new and ensure they survive. I took to Banished to see if I could begin anew and create the ultimate safe haven: Leotopia.

Banished is a city-building game with no combat. Just good, honest building. Resources such as stone, wood, and food are all important for your little townsfolk. After all they need new homes and adequate nourishment, otherwise they'll freeze to death or starve.

You can see the outcome for the citizens of Leotopia in my video up above. Banished is available now on Steam, GOG, and its own website.


    i love Leo's voice.

    Best reviews ever.

      He really is. He has the right attitude too, which helps!

      Microsoft is going down the wrong path with "Cortana", they need to make "Leo".

      Imagine that soothing, slightly stoned voice providing you with endless entertainment and limited information, I could die a happy, unenlightened man.

      Whenever I hear him all I have flashbacks to The Sandman from Triple J Radio here in Australia.

    Oh my god, this is like zero punctuation without ADHD and more British humour. More please!

    This guys voice....I could listen to him do Reviews all day...So peaceful yet so funny. Vote One for Leo President!

    Brilliant game. Loving it.
    There is lots to learn about tips and tricks. And so much innocent people to die because of your lack of knowing.

    This game is a lot of fun. Definitely worth the buy! It can get pretty intense, but I've been playing it on 1x speed lately and it's so relaxing since you don't need to think/worry as much since the game is moving a lot slower. Great fun!

    Last edited 24/02/14 3:47 pm

    Did Leo voice Marvin from Hitchhiker's? If he didn't he should

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