At Least Aeris's Clothes Aren't Dead

Did you know Square Enix likes catering to its existing fanbase?

Witness this preorder bonus for Japanese customers buying a certain strategy guide for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It gives star Lightning an Aeris outfit. Presumably as-new, with no holes or stains.

No word yet on how, or if, it'll be made available for Western buyers.

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII ▬ Aerith Outfit [Final Fantasy Network]


    Aerith...It even says in the link

      Aeris will always be better, translation error be damned.

        Not a translation error as there is no "th" in Japanese language. Also, if the "error" was really an error, then why wasn't the main villian named as Sephiros?

          it is a translation error the actual names in japanese once translated are Sephiroth and Aerith however they are pronounced Aeris and Sephiros due to as you said there being no "th."

      .. they tried to change her name to Aerith after release saying it was a typo But most people still know her as Aeris because thats the name she has in FFVII

        It was a translation error actually and if I recall the developers stated her name was supposed to be an anagram of I Earth. Although I believe her name is phonetically pronounced Aeris in japanese since they dont use a 'th' sound or something

        Last edited 23/09/13 7:39 pm

    The end of that video is just hilarious. Never really been a fan Aerith's costume from FFVII and to be honest prefer her outfit from Crisis Core.

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