Honestly, The New Mobile Final Fantasy Looks Pretty Good

It actually looks like a proper modern Final Fantasy game. That's a start, right?

Yesterday, the folks at Square Enix shared a short trailer for the recently revealedFinal Fantasy Agito. There's a little bit of combat, a little bit of scenery, a little bit of dialogue. Check it out above.

The free-to-play FF Agito drops for Android/iOS in Japan this Winter. No word on a Western release just yet. You can learn more (and listen to a neat orchestral piece) over at the Japanese website.

FINAL FANTASY AGITO ティザートレーラー [[email protected]]

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    What would make it look even better is Type-0 being localised

    Last edited 13/09/13 9:04 pm

      I dunno, the reports coming in from the Japanese version seem to say it's not that great, terribly unbalanced and frustratingly unfair. I was never that keen on it. (Never been that keen on Versus either, even now it's next-gen)

        I don't know where you got those reports since everything I've seen has been saying it's great. The demo was fun too

        Last edited 14/09/13 12:15 am

    The free to play model for this game worries me ... deeply.

      I know what u mean either this game is built very cheaply or its going to require alot of "dlc" to become playable is all I know when I see this.

        It could be worse though...Imagine the amount of DLC needed if it was made by Capcom

        They did good with Chaos Rings, though I guess those weren't fully free to play. Square is so frustrating in it's inconsistencies in the mobile market, ranging from nailing it to... All the brave.

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