Wow, Look At All The Final Fantasy Spinoffs

This week's biggest Tokyo Game Show news was Final Fantasy XV — hey, it's alive! — but while we were all gawking at bromantic road trips, Square Enix showed off a bunch of other Final Fantasy spinoffs that are worth at least a little attention.

Let's go through them all.

Above: a new look at the Monster Hunter-ish Final Fantasy Explorers, which will feature adorable little Cloud and Squall costumes and could be super-fun to play with groups of friends. No word on whether it's coming to the West.

And here's a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII: G-Bike, the mobile game based on Cloud's motorbike ride out of Midgar. This one's already confirmed for US release, though we don't know when it will be out.

Here's an unexpectedly hilarious new trailer for Final Fantasy Agito, the Type-0 spinoff that will be out for both mobile and Vita.

[Warning: you may want to lower your volume for this one.]

This next one is another entry in the Pictologica: Final Fantasy series, a mobile puzzle spinoff that has never made it out of Japan:

Finally, here's Final Fantasy World Wide Words, a mobile spinoff where you write sentences and try not to make any Type-0s.


    Oh man. This article was worth it for the Type-0 joke alone.

    So, a Final Fantasy based Picross and another based on typing of the dead. Interesting, too bad they are mobile games so we wont be getting them.

    This might be an unpopular opinion but I think Squeenix are really diluting their brand with these, let's be honest, third tier games.

    And though I know mobile games are quick to develop, surely these resources should be used to get FFXV shipped some time this century.

      I wouldn't mind if one of them was a Blitz Ball Game :)

        Bugger that they better make an official Triple Triad game before that

      I dunno, spin-offs can be pretty cool... Dirge of Cerberus was frickin' sweet.

    In before the mobile games are $50

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