'I'm An RPG-Kind-of-Girl' Says Newly Crowned Miss World

'I'm an RPG-Kind-of-Girl' Says Newly Crowned Miss World

Megan Young enjoys Assassin's Creed, Fable, and especially Pokémon — her favourite is Blastoise (a "basic Pokémon with a lot of strength and spunk.") Last night she was crowned Miss World 2013. If we're ever in a beauty pageant with aliens from other galaxies, folks, this is the woman we want representing humankind.

Young was crowned Miss Philippines, and in an interview earlier this month described herself as a down-to-earth, natural "RPG-kind-of-girl." Jason Schreier already is proposing marriage ... BUT — "Actually, I've never played Final Fantasy!" she admits. Well, me either!

"I guess I was just too stuck in the other games," Young told the Philippine Daily Inquirer. "I was playing Fable and Assassin's Creed at one time, and I just couldn't let go of the two to get into Final Fantasy."

The Philippine Daily asked if performing in beauty pageants felt like an RPG. "It kinda does," Young said with a laugh. "I don't wanna say its a game to me because it's totally NOT a game. But there're always strategy and logistics wherever you go and … OK, let's just say that I'm a character choosing which hairstyle and makeup to do, which outfit will go (with) the occasion.

"In a way it's kinda like [The] Sims."

The games Megan Young plays [Philippine Inquirer]


    Our time is coming, geeks. Soon, we will rise. Soon... soon.

    ...Oops, said it too much and now the word has lost all meaning.

      One of us, one of us! We accept her, we accept her! Gooble gobble! Gooble gobble!

        You guys just got quoted on the TIME article :p


    Fable and Assassin’s Creed at one time, and I just couldn’t let go of the two to get into Final Fantasy.

    Probably for the best. The greatest FF games were around well before Fable and Assassin's Creed. (Sorry FF XIII fans!)

      No reason she can't still grab one of the older Final Fantasy games for cheap off the PSN or track down the physical copies of them on ebay.

    Pocket monster with a lot of strength and spunk...

    And she looks so innocent!

    If this were on another site, Kotaku would attack it for vaguely acknowledging a difference between genders.

    When using the phrase "RPG-kind-of-girl", is she saying that her preferred genre is RPG, or that she thinks of herself as the kind of female you would find in an RPG? The irony is that only 1 of the games she mentioned is a proper RPG. (though I guess Fable could sort of count as an RPG in the same way LoZ does)

    I'd love to see a Beauty Pageant run as a DnD style session. Your stats would be things like Style, Beauty, Charisma, Intelligence and you naturally have talents, feats and skills. Just think, you are on a quest for the Crown of Worlds and your victory could have come down to that natural 20 being rolled in the Trial of the Myriad Questions.

      Hahah, a DnD style Pagent would certainly make it more interesting!

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