It's Hard Not To Get Pumped About This PS4 Feature

Watching this PlayStation ad, it really sunk in for me: it's one thing to hear about the ability to play/stream PlayStation 4 games remotely on your Vita, should you own one. It's another thing entirely to see that feature in action and realise, holy crap, it's like I have a portable PlayStation 4 in my hands.

Oh, there's other stuff in here too — the interface, the sharing, stuff like that. All good features, but personally, none as impressive as remote play. Although it's worth noting that it may not actually work as well as shown here (Stephen notes that remote play on the PS3 wasn't the most reliable thing for him), but one can hope, right?


    My big take away from this, Sony has (and obviously has had for a while) a clear vision of the Playstation 4 ecosystem which is focused on the gamer experience.

    MS meanwhile had a vision in-line with what they normally do with their software, which is "take the users for all you can", which even after several backflips, doesn't present as compelling an experience as Sony.

    It will be interesting if MS has plans to counter this (or fill in the gaps) by expanding into more gaming and entertainment devices.

      They have sharing too, not sure if there's much gap to fill

      Are you joking kapone?!? You playstation fanboy! Last gen Sony was all media centre this blu ray that and didn't give a damn about us gamers meanwhile MS made a solid online game console that had waaaaay better AAA titles which drew over more customers then Sony and Ms jumped on the gimmick bandwagon like Nintendo did except Microsoft got it right kinda with kinect and Sony flopped with move, now the whole share thing? Xbox one does it as well
      as for gaming console ? given Xboxes launch line up and greater range of AAA titles I don't think you can dare say which system is for gamers! Anyone dare challenge me ???
      You are a Sony fanboy until you play forza 4 over GT5, Halo over killzone and gears of war over uhhh resistance?
      It would be nice if Kotaku dropped their whole bias eventually

        I didn't like it when Sony did it, and I don't like it now that MS is doing it - especially seeing as many of the media oriented capabilities being touted by MS are present in the current gen consoles.

        It would be nice if Kotaku dropped their whole bias eventually

        Speaking of bias.

        I am referring to the vision for the next generation, not the current one. While I prefer the PS3 interface to the Xbox one, I do recognise that MS clearly beat Sony in the current generation with what they delivered (even if it did take an awfully long time to get a reliable SKU).

        However, with the next generation of consoles, from what I've seen so far, I believe Sony had a far better and clearer picture in their mind of what they would be putting up on the table, with their thinking geared toward the gamer experience (and involving themselves in that as much as possible through multiple interconnected devices).

        To me, MS seemed to be thinking of two things, 1) how can they squeeze more profit out of gamers, and 2) get the feature list ahead of Sony. Since then we've seen backflips, and core features not being available at launch.

        I see this as Sony having their shit together this time around, or at least more than MS.

          And that is why both Playstation and Xbox owners should be extremely happy that the other exists. For without competition, Sony's vision would be blinded, and Microsoft would barely consider a forward tumble.


            Historically I think every time the incumbent 'king of the consoles' starts to rest on their laurels, the crown is quickly taken away.

            Saying that however, who knows WTF happened to Nintendo post-SNES.

      Great comment, really well written. I agree 100%.

      "Sony has a clear vision of the Playstation 4 ecosystem which is focused on the gamer experience."

      It's annoying when the consumers themselves start spouting wanky PR jargon.

        I chose those words quite specifically.

        The PS4 'ecosystem' refers not just to the PS4 hardware, but the related hardware (such as Vita and Vita TV), as well as the other ways gamers would interact with they PSN games/content/accounts (social networking, mobile phones, websites, etc). MS are yet to show anything like this. While I would expect they have plans to blur the boundaries between the Xbox and other devices running MS software, based on their previous attempts I'm not expecting much.

        As for 'clear vision', I'm referring to the fact that A) Sony had alot of very separate poorly implemented ideas this generation that they didn't do well (the worst offender being PS Home), and B) I am not convinced that MS have a clear vision, at least not after the rush of last minute changes.

    Pretty cool ad. Loved how it finally explains what the share buttons for. More or less.

    Looks cool, but in real life not everyone you know or meet is going to be a gamer / playstation obsessed. I also can't see the use for a portable console as an adult unless you have an hour long commute each morning/evening.

      Or an hour long commute to the bathroom via the toilet.

      I also can't see the use for a portable console as an adult unless you have an hour long commute each morning/evening.Or someone who wants something other than tablet games to play on the couch/in bed at night, or a kid who doesn't want to watch the news or soapies your parents are watching, or someone who goes to LAN parties and wants to start up a game with a group of people, or are waiting in line for an event, or want to play something on your lunch break, or... You get the idea, there are quite a lot of uses for a portable console.

      The other thing to keep in mind is that the handheld culture is a lot more prevalent in Japan. They have cafes and "arcades" set up purely for people to game together on whatever they can bring. Something we really need to start doing over here.

    Well, I do kind of want to go to a Japanese uni now.

    That girl started screaming at like 5 seconds of Spiderman....she need's to chill out.

    Maybe I am just the minority.. but this feature is a throw-away feature for me. Doesn't get me pumped, that's for sure.. it's just another "thing" tacked on for questionable value. It's a nice "convenience".. but mileage is definitely going to vary between users.

      Exactly, that's why it is an accessory and not force bundled with the console. I can see it being useful for parents not wanting a PS4 in their child's room or simply a neat party trick. Over a home network lag wont be much of a problem but if you are at work and want to play? Don't bother.

    Uh. Too much concentrate in their cool-aid.

    And way too much fist pumping.

    This is awesome, totally going to get a vita for this.

    Wait so you can remote play from anywhere, across the internet, back to your home console? Holy shit. I thought it was just local network.

    Too bad my 0.384 Mbit upload speed probably won't be enough for it.

      Yeah but Labor is putting in the.... oh right grrrr.

    Terrific ad. The corny parts are compensated by the fact they're Japanese and I assume its a gap in my understanding of their culture hahaha.

    Without the NBN and some decent upload speeds the share button on the aust. consoles might as well say Snooze

    welllll.........hmmm....this was impressive. makes my next gen console purchase decision a little bit harder. or easier. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

    While this all looks great. Remote play just wont be really feasible with game's like FiFA or PES that really require use of 4 shoulder buttons. The Vita is not friendly in that regard. Also how much data is a streaming a PS4 game going to use!! I'd imagine its Gb's at a time.

      Its actually pretty feasible. When you remote play a game requiring four shoulder buttons, the rear touch pad acts as the additional triggers. The side under your left hand is L2 and the right is R2. The rear pad actually picks it up easily since it is a multi-touch pad and can distinguish the different areas being pressed.

    I want to live in that world.

    A world where hot japanese women in short skirts get incredibly excited by my K/D ratio in killzone.


    Wish I could type Killzone and a rocking party with booze and babes just sort of appears to play PS4.

    Bought a Vita this morning finally.
    Now to be excited for my release day PS4 XD

    Remote play looks sweet! I hope it works that well. As for all the sharing and such, I couldn't care less. Essentially its just another button on my controller that is a shortcut to all the commonly incorporated social links games have now. It doesn't offer much new imo (besides integration with the DVR, but thats not the Share buttons purpose or point).

    The streaming to the smaller device seems awesome, and i'm glad that happens because hopefully it will force Microsoft to make a lower budget streaming device as well. I think these ads often make systems look the best they can be as it puts them in an environment where the entire ecosystem is universally adopted. It is VERY hard for some device to do that, let alone one so "dedicated" on gaming. Smartphones are one of the only recent devices I have seen become part of everyday lives for the majority of people in developed countries. I don't believe the PS Ecosystem will do the same, though for people using it, it will be great, I think the sharing feature will simply be more social media junk that starts to get ignored and hidden on everyones feeds.

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