PS4/Vita Remote Play Sure Sounds Like The Wii U

Here's a demo of Assassin's Creed IV running on both PlayStation 4 and Vita, thanks to Sony's Remote Play feature that they say will allow us to play "almost all" PS4 games on the Vita, through Wi-Fi.

Sounds familiar, no? Almost word-for-word how Nintendo has marketed the Wii U.


    What's the point?

      Wii U has a limited range and cannot be played while on the loo in most houses while the Vita can remote play within your WiFi range and thus be played on the loo. You're welcome. ^_^

    well if it is any good. i will use it a lot. i would rather be antisocial to my wife in the same room.
    so we can have some crappy cooking show on the tv, she will be on the ipad and i can play PS4 on my vita.

    suits me fine.

    people forget they promised features like this with the PSP and even the Vita with the PS3... never delivered... hopefully this time they will but from someone who has played a ps3 game streamed to my vita... the experience isn't nice so hopefully they've found a way to improve that

      The problem with doing it on PS3 was that it required the developer to specifically implement it. This mean sacrificing resources on the PS3 to get it streaming to PSP/Vita when those resources could otherwise be spent making it run better on the PS3 itself. Given the work involved and the relatively small install base of the PSP / Vita, most didn't bother.

      The PS4, on the other hand, has dedicated hardware to handle this, which means that (a) the developers don't have to do much work to make it happen and (b) they don't need to sacrifice any performance in the game running on the PS4 itself in order to get it streaming to the Vita. Plus Sony are mandating that ALL PS4 games (except those that need special controllers like the camera or those dance mats or whatever) must support remote play to Vita. So yeah, they'll be doing it a lot more and it'll work better.

      People who own a vita don't forget, if they drop the ball again and this doesn't end up happening AGAIN, I'ma be PISSED.

    At the end of the day who cares? It's an excellent feature to steal. After having my heart broken by the Wii U, the off-tv play was the one redeeming feature. It's massively convenient being able to play when someone else wants to watch the tv.

    You mean how the wii u copied ps3 and psp? Correct me if im wrong but didn't sony come up with the idea of wireless cross play?

    But my favourite feature of the WiiU is the asymetrical play, having one thing happening on the big screen and something else on the small screen, especially with multiplayer but also for games like ZombieU.
    Will the pairup do that, too, or is it just a small monitor?

    Now what would be good if the vita could do the same sort of "enhancements" the Wii U gamepad does. They may be having trouble shifting the Wii U, but the screen on the controller is a great feature.

    the remote play demo looks staged. Look carefully and you will see things that dont make sense. Look around the 4 mins mark, he drops the controller and yet the vision onscreen showed the character is still moving?? I know what your thinking, the psp vita is now controlling it right? Wrong. When you look carefully and the vita sequence it not only doesnt start exactly when they claim the vita was supposed to take over (ie it seemed to go back in time) but it didnt do exactly the same thing. In the first sequence the character climbed the wall to the left of the big wooden panel (4:05), on the vita sequence the character climbs ontop of the big wooden panel (4:13). How can that be? Unless of course it was staged.

    Sounds familiar, no? Is that because this was what the PSP did and the Vita was always going to do? The only reason it sounds like the Wii-U is because there was more or less one game that took advantage of the asymmetrical play abilities of the PSP (Gran Turismo or somesuch which used it as a rear-view mirror) and the remote play capabilities of the Vita haven't really been implemented or advertised by many developers so far. (Although the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD release had it patched in later)

    Latency ? Good job Sony , first the move copying the wiimote and now this ? Forward thinkers :0

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