You'll Be Able To Play Almost Every PS4 Game On Your Vita, Sony Says

Looks like the PlayStation 4 will be taking a page from the book of Wii U: according to Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, almost all PS4 games will support Remote Play on the Vita. In other words, you'll be able to play PS4 games on your handheld, so long as the tech works.

At the PS4 reveal back in February, Sony promised that thanks to their new streaming technology, the Vita will be able to play PS4 games. Today, Eurogamer came out with a report saying that the Vita will be able to play all PS4 games — Sony is making it mandatory for developers to implement the Remote Play functionality in any games that don't require the PlayStation Eye camera, the report said.

Yoshida confirmed this on Twitter today: "Yes, it's true unless the game requires specific hardware like the camera. It will be great to play PS4 games on PS Vita."

Question is, how well will it work? If you can actually stream PS4 games to your handheld with no hiccups — or if you could switch back and forth without missing a beat, like you can on Wii U — this could be a serious game-changer (and bathroom-enhancer).


    Wow......almost 'every' game could be supported on the Vita, so that could possibly mean Co-Op games could be played using only one TV and one Vita.....hmmmm......

      You can already do that on PS3 / Vita using cross play, although there aren't all that many games that support it.

      But that's different to this which is basically streaming the picture that would go to the TV to a Vita screen instead i.e. this is still only 1 screen, it's just a different screen. The plus side is that this gets done pretty much automatically by the PS4 hardware/operating system so there's minimal work required by developers to implement it which is why they can have it working on just about any and every game.

    So... if you've got a 3G Vita can you stream from your PS4 to anywhere you like? I.e. does this mean you could play a PS4 game on the bus to work if you had it streaming from your PS4 at home? Or does it only work locally?

      No way 3G would be up to the task of streaming a game from your PS4. It would only be capable over wireless, I'm fairly certain.

        Tethering to a 4G phone might do the trick...

          No, it wouldn't. It may have the bandwidth, but it wouldn't have the latency for it to be remotely playable.

            I would assume a vita with 4G capablilaty would be out I think I remember hearing it but that would suck since I am JUST getting me 3G vita this week I might be a bit late to that party but I am dying to play P4G it looks soo good persona 4 was a great game it really was

    The way this is worded isn't exactly correct, the PS4 itself does all the work, the developers don't actually have to build in the code to run Remote Play.

    What Sony is making mandatory is that developers HAVE to supply an alternate list of controls method that is Vita compatible. eg: L2/R2 moved to the back touch screen, etc...

    Keyword almost. To my understanding all they need is, is to WiFi the picture to the vita. Am I understanding correctly?

    Oh man, I just pictured Dark Souls 3 on a handheld... and I think I need to go home and change.


      Seriously though, i'd love to run through Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2 on Vita.
      I'm sad I platted DS EU and US and Dark Souls. I wanna play them again haha

        Sad thing is, didn't they confirm PS4 as having no backwards compatibility? Even if it did have it, I have a sneaking suspicion only PS4 games would use this new streaming/remote play deal.

        Don't get me wrong, the prospect of Demon's/Dark Souls on my Vita is making my nether regions tingle.

          I think they're planning on implementing backwards compatibility (for the entire PlayStation back catalogue) through their Gaikai streaming service. The big question mark is whether or not that will work effectively with the available internet infrastructure. But if they can make it work then I imagine it'd stream just as well to a Vita as it would to any other device.

          Down the line, there's nothing to stop them porting PS3 games over and selling them on the PSN. A fair number of PS2 games eventually got ported across.

          Sucks if you own the discs, but sometimes the cookie breaks that way...

    Actually, remote play came from the PSP so they're taking a page from their own book.
    The Wii U was taking a page from Sony.

    Just sayin'

    Anyways, I expected maybe 20% of games max, so that's freaking epic. Glad I have a Vita.
    Not that I ever regretted having one since I got it ^__^

      Actually, remote play came from the GBA and Gamecube sorta so they're taking a page from Nintendo.

        Not really. It was more the other way around. But they did bring in handheld gameplay adding to the console. Remote play is taking a game from the console and playing it on handheld and GBA and Gamecube never had that functionality. Just Tingle in Wind Waker and Pokemon Stadium

          There were games that could be played between them and Nintendo has been having console/handheld interaction since the SNES. For Nintendo it was natural evolution, for Sony it was looking at what had already been done and attempting to extend on it.

            I wouldn't call the Super Gameboy, handheld interaction as much as I would emulation.
            The point is that we're talking about cross play/remote play here. Console games on a handheld, not handheld games on a console and Tingle bombing everything in sight.

              It was still cross play, just an early form of it. That's like saying that the Oculus Rift was in no way shape or form carrying on from the Virtual Boy.

                No, cross play is a game able to be played on both a handheld and a console. Gameboy games could be played on a super gameboy but not SNES on the gameboy or GC on the GBA. That's a pretty significant difference. In fact it's like saying that Nintendo copied Atari with their cartridges or Oculus copying Virtual Boy. Basically semantics

                  I have no idea what you are saying anymore. It IS cross-play, just the first form of. It's the essence of cross-play, playing something from one console on another.

      I'll wait untill nearer the release of the ps4 before I pick up a Vita. Just to make sure they don't release any sort of 'S' versions of the Vita

        Hopefully the PS4 + Vita for $100 extra bundle is real. I have a Vita and it's awesome.
        I'd like to see my friends pick on up as well

      And Sony was taking a page from Nintendo with the GBA-GameCube Link Cable.

    Sony, take my money!!

    Last edited 30/05/13 10:11 am

    I'd get down on this. I was so excited the first time I jiggered up remote play...only to discover that all I could do was scroll through my PS3 menu with it.

    Wasn't this rumoured with the PSP and PS3? and i only think it worked for PS1 game reissues?

    There was meant to be a feature where you could in Gran Turismo 5 use your PSP as a peripheral, i.e. as a backwards mirror but that never came to fruition...

      The problem was that it had to be implemented by developers on the PS3, and the encoding of the video chewed up processing resources which could otherwise be used by the game itself. And developers generally weren't willing to sacrifice performance to support remote play.

      The difference with PS4 is that all that encoding is done by a dedicated piece of hardware, meaning there's zero performance penalty so there's no reason why it can't be done.

    From the Eurogamer article:
    A trusted PlayStation 4 developer source with a proven track record for accuracy has told Digital Foundry that Sony has mandated Vita Remote Play for all upcoming PS4 games

    Am I the only one who would rather they'd asked the developer to spill what he knew about their DRM policy rather than their remote play policy? :P

    Well, I'll definitely be getting one of those grip add-ons for my Vita. It's OK for 1/2 an hour or so but after that my hands tend to get a little cramped.

    I don't even use remote play on the WiiU because I prefer the big screen, but it sounds like a nifty option for those who will want it for the PS4 and have a Vita.

      WIll be awesome for me, because we have one HD TV and I share it with wife and son! :D

    Vita can play all PS4 games!
    That's a good thing!
    The games are cursed.
    Ohh, that's bad!
    You'll also get a free froghurt with all games
    That's good!
    The froghurt is also cursed.
    That's bad...
    But you get your free choice of DLC
    That's good!
    The DLC contains obtrusive DRM... That's bad.
    Can i go now? :(

      Oh maaan, I just did a similar joke down below, how embarrasing...

    Is this just a reminder?
    Or is Sony just repeating what they revealed orginally?

      It's more the confirmation they're planning to implement remote play on all PS4 titles, whereas previously it sounded like a feature that would be available for some games, but probably not all.

        I thought they said all.
        Because they did such a shit job of implementing it on PS3.

          Maybe I was being overly optimistic :-/

          Then again, I guess that worked out :D

          But then there'll prolly be DRM :(

    You’ll Be Able To Play Almost Every PS4 Game On Your Vita

    I have a better idea: make more decent exclusives on the hand held to justify the investment. For me personally the only good exclusives are Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Shift. And I mean actual exclusives, not enhanced ports from other consoles.

    If I wanted to play a PS4 I would do so while at home in front of my TV.

      Fair enough that this sort of thing doesn't help you, but for me it's a killer selling point.
      My PS3 collection just keeps piling up because I buy new games but can't play them because I share my TV with my wife and son.

      Being able to switch off the TV and continue my game would be awesome.

    " (and bathroom-enhancer)."

    This basically sums up my excitement for this feature.

    If you can do this with online games, that's SICK!!!! Half way through a match of COD, and you need to take a dump. No worries, just boot up remote play and keep going!

      Now, see, the pro's just have a shit bucket, that way they don't have to go to the bathroom at all.

    I'm still confused about the lack of triggers on the Vita... Will people have to use the rear touchpads for L/R2? That would be... awkward (swipe down to shoot). And does the Vita even have L/R3? If they planned it to work well for remote play, surely they would have given it the extra controls that the PSP lacked?

      They usually change buttons around and assign some stuff to the front or back touchscreen.

      L Trigger = Aim
      R Trigger = Shoot
      Front Touchscreen = L2/R2
      Rear Touchscreen = L3/R3

      Doesn't seem that difficult.

    Fun fact: Cerny designed both the Vita and the PS4.. so this was his plan all along.

    Sony copying Nintendo!????!

    What else is new?

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