Reports: The First, Inevitable PS4 + Vita Bundle Appears

Reports: The First, Inevitable PS4 + Vita Bundle Appears

According to a report on MCV's website, the UK will be getting the world's first PS4 + Vita hardware bundle, the two consoles to be packed into the same box and sold in time for Christmas.

While the bundle has yet to be officially announced by Sony, Videogamer reports that MCV's print edition has an advertisement for the pack (above), which suggests that in addition to the two console's you'll be getting a Vita memory card as well.

We've contacted Sony for comment, and will update if we hear back.

Vita/PS4 'Ultimate' bundle in-bound this year [MCV]

PS4 & PlayStation Vita Ultimate Bundle coming in December [Videogamer]


    brack friday bunduru?

      I have been quoting South Park for the last two weeks. Seriously the best run off episodes ever.
      Black Friday Bunduru.

      Haha. Just you wait, I am sure Bill Gates will come and save the day for the Xbone people & give all black Friday shoppers after an Xbox One guns, swords & battle axes.

    This is he 3rd article that you have just posted that I saw elsewhere 3 days ago.......

      You're so cutting edge. You should start your own fucking website to keep yourself informed.

        This is the best comment I've ever read...

    what if the bundle costs the same as xbox one

    This is news to me. Seems like it could be a real shot at the Wii U market. Lately PS Vita seem to be cheap as chips. About as much as I'd expect a Wii U GamePad to retail for individually, actually.

      You expect a WiiU gamepad to retail for $199? :\ WiiU basic has been less than that already.

        I live in Australia, so yeah. Somewhere between $150 - $200 if it ever goes on individual sale here. A Wii U basic pack was still $350 up until recently, with Wii U Deluxe packs going between $400 and the RRP $420.

        Welcome to Australia.

    If I didn't already have a Vita, then I would be all over this.

    In all seriousness, Sony must be exceptionally confident with production stocks of the PS4, as I'm led to believe this is a Europe brochure, this means that Sony are providing
    - Launch PS4
    - Killzone Super Bundle
    - PS4 + Vita bundle

    all before Christmas, when it is expected that the PAL territories are expected to get at least the same amount of PS4 consoles for launch as the NA launch, their output is amazing this time around.

      Pretty smart way to move vitas. Bundle half of ps4 stock with vitas and people will pay rather than wait til febuary haha.

    Well damn, I want a Vita & I want a PS4.. So getting this IF it comes to Australia.

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