Link Has Killed The Hulk, And Will Now Kill Darth Vader

Reader James made this short called Young Wonder, which has made it into the Toronto International Film Festival. He seems surprised it got in, but come on dude. It’s awesome.

It’s about two kids, playing in the woods, when their imagination takes over. As though the badass toy commercials from the 80s came to life, and also learned all about video games.

YOUNG WONDER Short [James Wilkes]


  • Ah.

    A clever social commentary that addresses the fact that modern parents allow their children to consume whatever games and entertainment they desire wholesale, regardless of their violent content, and complete inappropriateness to their age.

    Through a complete and utter lack of parenting ability or social conscience, without regard to the recommendations put forward by ratings boards, game’s store employees, pretty much every freely available review on the internet, or even just plain old common sense, these parents let their children run free, doing as they please, raised by the wolves in the wild reaches of cyberspace.

    The result, as is to be expected, is a generation of foul-mouthed, back-talking, spoiled, ungrateful, self-entitled, little degenerates, who will bring about not only their own inevitable destruction, but that of their lazy parent’s generation as well.

    Bravo sir.

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