Sarah Is An Australian World Beater At Jousting

Sarah Is An Australian World Beater At Jousting

Proving there really is a sport out there for everyone, Australian school teacher Sarah Hay is the best woman — and one of the best humans — in the world at… jousting. Seriously. In the full armour and everything.

Regular readers of Kotaku will know this stuff isn’t new or rare; people all over the world love nothing more than dressing up in metal plate and beating the crap out of each other.

But wearing armour and whacking a dude with a sword is easy. The fact there’s a jousting scene, which takes an insane amount of preparation and skill (not to mention access to badass horses), is super impressive.

Sarah’s only been competing for a few years, but has already won a couple of major global championships. She also alternates between jousting and horse archery. You can see her in action below.

Sarah Hay [The Jousting Life, via Fashionably Geek]


    • That would be more dangerous because if the joust doesn’t shatter then the opponent gets caught on it and gets dragged down and trampled.

    • The point of a hollow wooden joust is so it shatters and doesn’t impale the rider 🙂 Rubber lances would pose a threat to both riders in fact.

      • I can just imagine a scene where one rider strikes the other, the lance bends, then springs upwards, catapulting the other rider into the sky with a “Wahahahahahoooieee” and a twinkle at the end.

  • Props to her, but the footage is a bit tame. The horses were barely cantering. I went to the medieval fair at Caboolture a few years back and the jousting was insane. Those horses were going full tilt and the only thing separating them from the onlookers was a piece of bunting mounted on poles.

    • Never really seen a horse gallop in real life so I I’m just guessing, but could it be because the horse in running on sand in this case? I do know that horses take a while longer to get any real speed on sand….

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