Oh No, Attack On Titan Shouldn't Be Nearly This Cute

At its heart, Attack On Titan is incredibly unsettling. I mean, it's about giant humanoids eating humans for seemingly no reason whatsoever; of course it's unnerving. So you look at this animation by riseken — which recreates some of the early plot of Attack on Titan — and you're just like, wow, it should be wrong to have the whole thing be chibified.

Except, chances are, if you're a fan of the anime/manga, you'll probably like this anyway — even though it's entirely in Japanese. Still, sorry if this is incomprehensible, folks who have never delved into Attack On Titan before. (You should watch it!)

Shingeki no Kyojin Special 2 Chimi Chara Movie [riseken]


    This is just perfection. Judging by their eyes they've all awakened to spiral power....does this mean the Titans are the anti-spirals.

    Never understood the appeal or got into it. I don't really want to see giant naked guys eat people alive....

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