Screw Next-Gen Controllers, This Dungeon Crawler Uses A DDR Pad

Yeah, the DualShock 4’s got that fancy Share button. And the Xbox One controller sounds like it’s doing cool stuff with feedback. But, know this: if people all over the world start powering up Dance Dance Revolution dancepads again, it’s because Crypt of the Necrodancer looks like it’s going to be freaking awesome.

Brace Yourself Games’ upcoming game is basically a roguelike dungeon crawler where you have to make your actions fall in line with the beat. (It’s a bit like the incredibly great Beat Sneak Bandit in that regard.) Developer Ryan Clark showed it at PAX last week with a DDR dancepad but you can also play with a controller or with a mouse-and-keyboard set-up. And you know the input in DDR where you have to step on two arrows at the same time? That’s how you cast spells in Necrodancer.

The game also supports use of your own music so you can cast spells to Kendrick Lamar lyrics if it makes you happy. Do keep in mind that Necrodancer‘s soundtrack is being done by DannyB, the man responsible for Super Meat Boy‘s awesome tunes. It’s on its way for PC and Mac. Get your dancing shoes ready.


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