If You Thought Elden Ring Made You Sweaty Before, Try Playing It With A DDR Mat

If You Thought Elden Ring Made You Sweaty Before, Try Playing It With A DDR Mat

And now a story that feels appropriate for a Friday afternoon: let’s talk about Elden Ring and DDR.

After completing Elden Ring one-handed, and then again in a one-handed All Rememberance run, Twitch streamer MissMikkaa has found a new challenge.

She’s flipping the script and will now complete Elden Ring with her feet, swapping her controller out for a Dance Dance Revolution mat. Obviously, the standard DDR mat isn’t a perfect match for Elden Ring‘s controls. Moving the camera, for instance, still has to be done via the PC.

The new control scheme has proven a challenge when trying to navigate platforming sections, or when getting crowded by enemies. Mikkaa also quite literally has to shuck and jive to avoid incoming blows, tap-dancing across the mat’s surface to keep her character moving. Despite the challenge, it hasn’t slowed Mikkaa’s progress in the slightest. She’s already torn through Godrick, Rykard, Morgott, and Radahn on her journey to the map’s most easterly point.

Here’s a video of Mikkaa on a recent run. Listen to all this tippy-tapping going on.

Now all that remains to be seen is how she plans to get by Malenia. I have to imagine that attempting one of the toughest fights in Elden Ring on a dance mat will resemble a DDR pro going for a 100% clear on Paranoia Survivor. Man, I miss watching people pop off on a DDR machine IRL. We should bring those back.

MissMikkaa’s playthrough is ongoing, and you can keep up with her via her Twitch channel right over here.

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