MissMikkaa Defeats Two Malenias With A PS5 Controller And A DDR Mat

MissMikkaa Defeats Two Malenias With A PS5 Controller And A DDR Mat

Streamers and content creators have been going out of their way to play Elden Ring in the silliest and goofiest ways possible, including with a harp, the Fisher-Price controller, and some bananas. But how is MissMikkaa, the Dance Dance Revolution dance mat user, going in her travels of The Lands Between?

In our previous reports on the streamer, cosplayer, and ultimate gamer MissMikkaa, we saw the legend herself beating Elden Ring with one hand before addressing the FromSoftware title with Dance Dance Revolution mat. Honestly, you have to stan an unconventional queen.

In her latest plight, MissMikkaa has been playing two games of Elden Ring simultaneously, because playing it on one platform is simply too easy. Not just that, but one platform is being played with a PlayStation 5 Dualsense controller, while the other is being played with the DDR mat.

And she’s beaten Malenia Blade of Miquella, the hardest boss in the game, simultaneously in the PS5 controller and the DDR mat. I’m losing my mind.

Announcing the news on Twitter, MissMikkaa states:

After 3 days and 199 tries Malenia is dead in the Ultimate Challenge Run where I play Elden Ring twice simultaneously (with a dance pad & controller). In the beginning I was not even sure if this run was possible.

Here is the full video on YouTube, where MissMikkaa displays a performance that would make Let Me Solo Her proud.

MissMikkaa has explained that she has been playing the game using a “bleed build with Flamberge and Seppuku Ash of War (Occult infusion)”, and that the challenge she gave herself was completed on her 199th attempt on her third day of trying.

No bullshit, this is one of the most impressive spectacles I’ve ever seen in my life. You have to have such an incredible amount of skill, focus, and patience to be able to pull something like this off. I bow to her.

MissMikkaa also officially completed her “Ultimate Challenge Run” two days ago, finally defeating the Elden Beast on both PS5 and PC (with dance pad, of course) simultaneously. You can check out the grand finale here on her Twitch channel. Trust me, it’s worth it.


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