Elon Musk Gets Owned By Elden Ring Morse Code Master

Elon Musk Gets Owned By Elden Ring Morse Code Master

Spotting the new and ludicrous ways people have found to best super-tough games like Elden Ring is one of our favourite pastimes. Whether using a harp or an ass, people are both incredible and incredibly inventive. It turns out, though, that not everyone’s capable of appreciating that. So when player Silithur completed the game using only Morse code (!!!), it turns out—oh for fuck’s sake—Elon Musk wasn’t impressed.

As someone who lasted less than 20 minutes in Elden Ring before realizing it was not my cup of tea, I’m astonished by the skills of anyone who can get through the game using regular controllers. So I delight in watching the talents of amazing people like MissMikkaa finish the game twice, at the same time, using a controller in her hands and a dance mat under her feet.

So, when Dexerto reported on X that Silithur had finished the game using only Morse code as an input, I expected to see all the usual cheers and support for such a brilliant and absurd achievement. What didn’t seem as likely was Elon Musk limply attempting to throw shade, but then accidentally spilling it all over himself.

This happened after Steven Mark Ryan, Tesla shareholder and the man behind a YouTube account that enthusiastically uploads conversations between Elon Musk, soy pill salesman Alex Jones, and suspected human trafficker Andrew Tate, highlighted the post in his timeline.

Musk replied, attempting to replicate the complicated human tone of being sardonic, “The final battle is beautiful, but easy. Try that with Malenia.”

The owner of what was once Twitter, with his 181 million followers, managed to garner a deflating 4.2K likes for this epic putdown.

Replying, not in his native Spanish, Silithur delivered a textbook ratio-ing when he replied, “Well… Easy because I’m so good at the game you mean?” accompanied by a video, 4:20 long, in which he easily defeats Malenia with his Morse code single button. 47k likes.

It’s just sad, really. The man is so desperate for—approval maybe?—that he feels the need to disparage the most benign and enjoyable of things. But, this is how the world’s sometimes-richest man sometimes chooses to spend his time, in what externally appears like a punishing purgatory put upon him for whatever financial deal he made with the devil.

Anyway, kudos Silithur, first for superbly dunking on the clownish twerp, but more importantly, for being able to complete Elden Ring via Morse code!

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